Blizzard whips through Halifax

Most people staying in as highly anticipated snowstorm hits Nova Scotia

Pedestrians and motorists are scarce on the usually bustling Spring Garden Road today. Photo: Emily Sollows
Most people out on the streets this morning were workers shovelling sidewalks. Photo: Emily Sollows
A snowy Argyle Street. Photo: Emily Sollows
High winds are causing snow drifts on the Halifax Waterfront. Photo: Emily Sollows
Both the Alderney and Woodside ferries are running despite high winds. Photo: Emily Sollows
This man braved the cold to play for the few customers at the Tim Horton's on the Halifax waterfront. Photo: Emily Sollows
Snow plows work to clear Duke Street, on which buses have resumed travel. Photo: Emily Sollows
There were no students in sight at NSCAD today. Photo: Emily Sollows
Maxwell's Plum offers beer specials on snow days. This waitress says she's had several calls from students and is expecting a busy day. Photo: Emily Sollows
Students are staying inside today at SMU. Photo: Emily Sollows
Saint Mary's University is closed today. Sidewalks and steps were not shovelled yet this afternoon. Photo: Emily Sollows

Cars and pedestrians were scarce on the streets of Halifax today as high winds, freezing rain and blowing snow hit the city.

Haligonians took the RCMP’s advice to stay off the roads. Halifax’s typically busy downtown was almost completely deserted this morning, with mostly buses and snowplows driving through.

Despite the high winds, both the Alderney ferry and the Woodside ferry are running today. Halifax Transit drivers said the roads were messy, but the buses have been getting around the city. Earlier this morning, Halifax Transit buses were not travelling on Duke Street, but travel has since resumed.

Some local bars are capitalizing on the snow day. Maxwell’s Plum offers discounts on their 80-ounce Molson Canadian beer on snow days. They expect to be busy with students today, as all Halifax universities are closed.




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