User tries selling ‘affordable’ marijuana online

Classified ad in The Coast risks maximum penalty of five years for trafficking

This story has been updated since initially published.

Advertising for the sale of marijuana online is still trafficking, punishable by law. Photo: Julia Manoukian

If you were looking for drugs, would you check out the classifieds?

That’s exactly what one drug dealer, who identifies himself online as “greg mcgorry,” hoped you’d do.

As soon as UNews inquired about the ad with the The Coast, the publication immediately took the classified listing down.

Christine Oreskovich, publisher of the The Coast, says anyone can post anything on their classified website, just like Kijiji.

“We take stuff down all the time,” she says.

The site is public – there are thousands of listings.

“We have somebody who scans the classifieds for anything illegal or illicit or homophobic or racist… and we try to eliminate them.”

Oreskovich says she doesn’t know how many other advertisements like this have appeared in the classifieds, but she can’t imagine a lot, since this is the first time she’s hearing about one.

“Maybe he got some sales,” she jokes.

Const. Michael Strickland from the Halifax Regional Police’s special enforcement unit says there’s no way the ad belongs to an undercover policeman.

“That’s not something that we do. We wouldn’t lure someone in just to sell them two grams of weed.”

Const. Strickland says there are people who believe they can sell marijuana to licenced users. However, without a licence, distributors, by law, are trafficking. As well, buyers are in possession of a controlled substance, punishable with a $1,000 fine and/or up to six months in prison.

He says he sees social media trafficking a fair amount, but usually it’s to a select group of friends.

The mysterious mcgorry account has been advertising marijuana on Facebook since August 23, 2014.

When unews tried to contact mcgorry for an interview, he responded with:

Even after The Coast removed the ad, the mysterious dealer keeps posting.

What kind of crazy things have you come across in classifieds? Let us know.

Update: This story was updated Nov. 23 as UNews learned about a new classified post