Clean Brands: My Favorites!

To follow up on my article a fashion more CLEAN, here is a selection of brands that I like very much. They are trying to produce better and are really interested in a more reasonable fashion industry.


Orta Store

Number 1 in my heart: Orta! I like the models, the materials, the cuts, the commitments of the designer…

Made in France

Parisian and then

Comfortable pieces, trends, punchy colors, positive messages… everything I love.

Made in France


Sarah Sooz Perez’s brand is eco-responsible. Models, fusion of trends and strong legacies of the designer. I invite you to follow Sarah and her brand Rezine to follow the creative steps of the collections.

Made in France

Louison's petticoats

The big plus of this brand is for me the half custom. Skirts, dresses whose length is chosen according to its size!

Made in France

The French underpants

Super pajamas, underclothes, swimsuits…

Made in France


I’m a fan of the brand’s bags but Balzac also offers clothes, accessories… timeless pieces and Spanish and Portuguese manufacture.

Made in Portugal and Spain


Mr. Moustache

Sandals, ankle boots… I have favorites every season! The manufacturing is mainly Portuguese (I visited the factory) and Chinese for some parts. The brand has not found for its sneakers the know-how in Portugal.

Made in Portugal or China (all shown on product listings)

Anaki Paris

I really like this brand for the Anaki Studio part. A form, a pair of shoes created with the community, pre-sales, no waste. Follow on Instagram to closely follow the progress of the models.

Made in Portugal and Morocco



I recommend 100% this brand of rules panties (my article on the subject) Made in France!


Jules and jenn

Transparency. That’s what best sums up this brand. On each product sheet are detailed: material prices, manufacturing prices, transport prices and finally the selling price. Bravo!

Leather goods Made in France

Shoes Made in Italy, Spain and Portugal