King’s to get purr-fect study aid?

Students at the University of King's College may get some new furry friends in December

Looks like man has a new best friend.

The difference is they don’t slobber or bark, but they do wag their tails.

Jonny Bolduc, King’s College student, introduces some new friends who are helping stress-levels go down. (Photo: Laicka03)

A student society at the University of King’s College plans to mimic their colleagues at Dalhousie University in the best way possible: by hosting a cat room for students to come and get their mind off of the stressful semester.

The cat room will be an addition to Study Snacks, a writing resource for students at King’s.

Dal hosted a puppy room exactly one year ago, which was extremely popular.

According to UNews, in a single day Dahousie attracted more than 500 students to visit and pet the pups, who were hosted by Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

Therapeutic Paws is a voluntary organization that donates animal resources for human needs.

And it’s no secret people like cats.

It wasn’t a secret to Jonny Bolduc, who ran the cat society table at the university’s society fair this year and runs the cat society at King’s with his friend, Hunter McLellan.

The two brainstormed new, fun ways to get people engaged in activities around campus and the cat room idea was born.

But the perks don’t stop there.

Hunter McLellan and Jonny Bolduc pose as cats for the camera. (Photo: Zeina Jreige)

“I really like the idea of animal therapy to cure stress so I was all for the puppy room. I went three times. I thought a cat room would be a good King’s-y reaction to that,” says Bolduc. 

Bolduc and McLellan aren’t the only ones who think it’s a good idea.

Ruba Ayoub, a finance major at Dal, is no stranger to being stressed out.

Ayoub says students need fun outlets that allow them to think of other things than school.

“I don’t think it’s a waste of time. And it would be nice if they made them available more frequently, actually,” she says.

Ayoub is currently in her second year and says sometimes studies can be too much. To her, the cat room is a healthy way to meet new friends, human or not.

Violet is the first cat mentioned to make an appearance for the upcoming cat room. (Photo: Hunter McLellan)

Bolduc hopes the cat room is just as successful as Dalhousie’s puppy room.

He says the event will be held on the third floor common room in Alexandra Hall near early December – just in time for finals.

That’s if Nicholas Hatt, dean of the residence, approves. The society will know by this week and they’re confident it won’t be an issue.


McLellan plans to bring her cat, Violet, and the team encourages others to bring their feline friends, too.

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