Dal students to volunteer in Fla. for reading week

Habitat for Humanity project will build homes for those in need

Many escape their reading week winter blues to leave for a tropical beach or even stay and race down the ski hills, but for Sarah Beatty, this year it’s all about giving back.

For many years, a stewardship society called the Dalhousie Action Society, has dedicated its time to many different volunteer initiatives.

Sarah Beatty reads up on the news before heading out for reading week to work with Habitat for Humanity (Photo: Carlie Connolly)

Beatty heard about it through her friend who has been involved with the group for years.

Throughout the year, the society does volunteering and organizes a trip once a year to the United States.

This Saturday, a group of students will be take the bus down to Eustis, Fla., to spend four days volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, building homes for those in need.

Habitat for Humanity is a national, non-profit organization that works together to ensure that everyone has a safe place to live.

In order to go on the trip, participants need to have undertaken at least two volunteer initiatives. This year, the team helped out with Feed Nova Scotia food bank and went to soup kitchens on Sundays.

The trip will cost around 600 dollars and to help pay for it, they volunteered with Dal Action, a community stewardship society that helps provide students with the opportunity to connect with local and international organizations. A bingo night, a cabaret night at a men’s bar and many bake sales were just some of the events the group organized.

“Individual students have also contacted different local businesses to ask if they would sponsor their trip,” she said.

This year, there are around 50 students participating.

Beatty has done a lot of volunteering in her past and is currently volunteering with Make a Wish Foundation, a charity that takes in donations to grant wishes to children with life-threatening conditions.

“It’s a really good way to give back. I’ve always had this desire to want to give back. I come from a family full of humanitarians.”

This is her first time working with Habitat for Humanity.

“I think it’s really important to do something different. There are very few opportunities in your life where you can do something that is not only fun but will be meaningful for someone else’s life for the rest of their life.”



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  1. Kudos! If I didn’t have to work during the break to support my education I would do this to.what a great way to give back!

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