Earlier Canada Summer Jobs deadline for employers

MP Peter MacKay launches 2014 program

The federal government has launched its Canada Summer Jobs program for 2014, aimed at providing summer employment for full-time students through funding of various businesses and not-for-profits across the country.

Peter MacKay, who represents Nova Scotia in the federal cabinet, announced the government is now accepting employer applications for employer funding through the program, intended to provide more jobs for students during the summer months.

Ross Farm Museum in New Ross, N.S., is one of over a thousand employers in the province to receive funding from the program in 2012 (Photo: Flickr)

The application’s January deadline – earlier than that of previous years – is intended to inform employers sooner if they have been approved. This is intended to provide more time to recruit students for summer work.

“Through Canada Summer Jobs, our government is dedicated to helping students get the skills and training they need to become top-notch at what they do,” said MacKay at a news release Monday.

One student, however, said the program hasn’t made finding a job easier.

“They can say they’re making all the jobs they want, I still have a hard time finding work (in the summer),” says Erik Martin, who attends Saint Mary’s University.

Rachel Fraser, a student from Wolfville, is more optimistic. She knows it isn’t always easy to find summer employment. Though previously unaware of the program, she thinks any help from the government to make it happen is better than none.

“At least with the government funding (companies) to hire students, we’ve got a better chance at finding something,” she says.

The unemployment rate for young people aged 15 to 24 was 13.4 per cent in October.

Canada Summer Jobs provides funding for employers in the public and private sectors (though only small businesses in the latter), as well as not-for-profit groups, to hire students for summer positions. Participating workers must have been full-time students for the year prior, and intend to return to full-time study in the coming fall. They must also be between 15 and 30 years of age.

The program has employed over 260,000 students since 2007. This year, it is expected to create 35,000 jobs. Canada Summer Jobs is part of the government’s Youth Employment Strategy.