Halifax’s human singing telegram

Dal Student Dana-Lynn Farrell sings tunes to strangers for a fee

Dana-Lynn Farrell will sing any song you request to anybody you choose, with a smile. Photo: Erin Way

Valentine’s Day 2015 is almost upon us. If you think chocolate or flowers are a bit overdone, Dana-Lynn Farrell may have the perfect romantic gift for the apple of your eye.

The Dalhousie costume design and music student is offering her services as a singing telegram. Basically, you give Farrell a time and a place, and she shows up and sings your special someone a song of your choice.

“It’s just me and sometimes my guitar or ukulele,” Farrell says.

“I walk up to the person, or I knock on their door, whatever the case may be. I say, ‘Hey! I have a song to sing to you from so-and-so.’” And then she serenades.

She doesn’t mind serenading strangers. In fact, she really enjoys it.

“The looks on their faces are just … they’re always surprised and they’re excited because someone thought to do something like that (for them),” Farrell says.

She’s spreading the word over Kijiji.

“Now this is not any old singing telegram – this is a telegram with class,” her ad boasts.

She is very qualified for the job: “I have been in music in one respect or another since I was about three or four. My grandparents, who raised me, put me into private music lessons, both piano and voice, when I was very very young.” As a music student, her focus is on opera and early music.

Her going rate is $80 for non-students, which is at the lower end of the average price range. “I feel like that’s an outrageous number for students. I would certainly negotiate with students.”

Her ad has already helped her business. “I’ve gotten one person to email me who lives out on the West Coast and wanted to surprise someone here.”

If distance is keeping you from your loved one this Valentine’s Day, consider getting Dana-Lynn Farrell to sing your love for you.

Here is a video of Farrell singing, so you know what you’re getting.