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Anti-Bully Week 2011 hosted by England

(Telegraph) This week is the U.K.'s annual anti-bully week. It is in association with the Anti-Bullying Alliance. It's just not physical violence.There's also an increase in online bullying. Vicious texts also are pervading society's youth. This year's theme is on verbal bullying. The slogan is "Stop and Think - Words Can Hurt". Twitter and Facebook exacerbate online bullying.


A Group Alliance Against Bullying

Anti-Bullying Alliance
This website has help and advice for those who are being bullied. The anti-bullying week is prominently shown. Those with special education needs can find help here.

There is a page on this website that explains how one should tackle bullying. Information on contacting local authorities, community organizers, and research is shown here too.

There is a page on events and on organizations associated with this website.


Group Stands up to Bullying

Stand Up Day Today
In this website, a bi-annual gathering takes place. It occurs today. FAQs on bulling and how to address it are shown. There is a map of where the schools that are involved are located.

Photos of children and adults working against bullying are all over the website. If one wants to participate, this website shows the person how to do so.



Stop Bullying

Here, the definition of bullying is shown, alongside how to deal with it. It states that no one is alone, showing people how to contribute in curbing bullying. Bullying news is on the website too.

Twitter and Facebook feeds on bullying also are shown. Other associations are shown here too. Presentations on coping and curbing bullying are shown. Respect is highlighted in the website.

There are also courses on dealing with and stopping bullying.



Defeat Bullying

Beat Bullying
This website has anti-bullying items that can be bought to promote anti-bullying ideals. The Big March against bullying will be held in 2012. The website mentions more on it. Twitter and Facebook accounts are also here.

If one wants to get more involved in this movement, then one can look on this site for more details. There are also YouTube videos.

Donations are welcome at this website too. There is advice for those who are being bullied under the age of 18 as well. This website is open and helpful for those in need and for those who want to help others.



Anti-Bullying Campaign

Anti-Bullying Database
This page allows children to write to each other and to parents and to school officials. It's open.  There is research on bullying.

There are surveys for children to engage in to help them understand and cope with bullying. There is a lot of interaction on this website. 

There are videos that describe what bullying is and how to deal with it. This multimedia website helps children, parents and school officials work to curb bullying in and out of school.

One can also email the staff at this website for more details and to answer any questions.



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