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Anti-smoking campaigns

(CBCNews) An aggressive smoking-cessation campaign at Calgary's Mount Royal University is getting $114,770 from Health Canada. Drop Dead Day aims to educate students and teachers about the health risks associated with smoking and inspire them to quit through on-campus interventions and by sending a shocking message. Participants draw chalk outlines of dead bodies throughout the school's hallways as visual representation of how often someone dies from a smoking-related illness. Student Shane Gorman said he thinks the program is making a difference. "I've noticed a reduction, definitely, in the past year with people in the smoking areas, for sure. I think it's just smoking isn't cool anymore," he said.


Tobacco Control

Doctors and Tobacco: Tobacco Control Resource Centre
The TCRC works in partnership with national medical associations across Europe and is funded by the Europe Against Cancer Programme of the European Commission and the British Medical Association. This site offers many links to the websites of charities and online anti-smoking campaigns offering information on how to quit smoking, and provides motivational tips. It also provides sites about non-smokers’ rights and tobacco control organizations. It is a hub of anti-smoking information.


Creative Anti-Smoking Campaigns

InventorSpot was formed in March 2006 by an inventor to discuss the reality television show American Inventor. The site provides what they believe to be the top 10 most creative anti-smoking campaigns found around the world. It has photos and explanations for each campaign shown such as creating and handing out smelly strips (similar to those used when testing perfume). The sniff strip reads: "This is how you smell when you smoke. 4,000 toxic chemicals leave a stench no perfume can mask... just ask the people around you. Please stop smoking, You'll smell better instantly. It is a fun and informative website focused on Inventions, Innovations and Interesting Ideas from around the world.


Smokefree America

The Foundation for a Smokefree America
The Foundation for a Smokefree America was founded in 1989 by Patrick Reynolds, a grandson of the founder of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. After family members dies from tobacco use and his own struggle to quit smoking, Reynolds now talks at schools, conferences and medical forums about tobacco issues. His site offers quitting tips, an educational video, live motivational talks and a message for teens and adults.


Lung Health Initiatives

The Lung Association
The Canadian Lung Association is a non-profit, volunteer-based health charity. Its mission is to lead nationwide and international lung health initiatives. The Lung Association’s section on smoking and tobacco provides links to information on how to quit smoking, facts about smoking, second-hand smoke, statistics and legislation regarding smoking. They write that tobacco is the only product in the world that kills half of the people who use it exactly as directed.



Stop-Smoking-Tips is a Part of the Info Vision Marketing (IVM), and has links to health related websites. They provide a free educational resource devoted to the costs, risks and known dangers posed by smoking. They have a link to the American Lung Association’s Smoking Statistics, as well as links to articles about smoking and diseases caused related to tobacco use, and links to resources to help people quit. 

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