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Cops on campus in India

(The Times of India) The High Court of Andhra Pradesh in India ordered paramilitary and police to evacuate the campus of Osmania University in Hyderabad on Monday. The order follows a motion from four students to withdraw the forces. Police arrived at the campus on Sunday in response to a "threat perception" as students held a political protest against Telangana's state assembly that called for representatives to resign. Almost 40 students were injured in the clash as police fired teargas and rubber bullets. Police also set up tents and barricades on the campus, which Justice L Narasimha Reddy described as "mayhem". The state government is expected to challenge the court order.


Students call for Telangana politicians to resign

Telangana: Committed for Development of Telangana
This website provides information on Telangana, India. Students at Osmania University have demanded members of the state assembly step down, which resulted in Sunday's clash with police on campus and Monday's court order. This website is run by Telangana Interactive Inc. and advocates for better conditions in all areas of life for the people of Telangana. It provides information about the state's political climate.


Osmania University postpones exams

Osmania University
This is Osmania University's website. It provides information about the school's mission and vision. News bulletins can also be found on the home page, such as a recent post that states post-graduate examinations have been posted. The exams were postponed due to protests, which have disrupted the academic year, according to school officials. This website also provides contact information for the school.


High Court of Andhra Pradesh

This website provides information on the High Court of Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad, India, such as the court's history and a list of its former and current justices. It also links to the court's official website, where rulings and other information can be found.


Student activism in India

Bangalore University
This website provides access to an academic sociology paper on student activism in India through the database SpringerLink. The paper discusses the history of student activism in India and focuses on a period in the 1970s when the student movement had great growth. The author, N. Jayaram, argues that protests are not always a result of "juvenile delinquency" and are even capable of sparking larger movements.


Police in India

Hyderabad City Police
This is the Hyderabad City Police website. It provides a history of the police force in the city as well as press releases, such as one about prohibitory orders put in place yesterday until February 22 that prevents people from gathering in public and making speeches, "disturbing the peace" or carrying weapons. This website provides insight into the nature of the police force in Hyderabad, where Osmania University is located.


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