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Students' emotional health lowest in 25 years

(Red and Black) The emotional health of the 2010 freshman class dropped to its lowest level in a quarter century, according to the American Freshmen: National Norms Fall 2010 survey. Information has been collected from 200,000 incoming full-time students attending four-year colleges for the last 25 years. The survey measures the emotional well-being of students. This year the study found students feeling more stress and experiencing more signs of depression than ever before. Some reasons for this drop in mental health could be the economic recession and students feeling more intense pressure to receive and maintain scholarships, says the study. The survey also found that overbearing parents could lead to students struggling to adjust to the stresses of college. Universities are encouraging students to seek help if they are feeling consistently overwhelmed.


Mental health group seeks to help

Canadian Mental Health Association
The Canadian Mental Health Association website is a great resource to visit in order to learn about mental illnesses and find resources to help cope with a mental illness. It's a good resource to explore if you are unsure about identifying or coping with stress, anxiety and depression. There are discussion groups, FAQs, and helpful links. Basically, this website is the hub for any mental illness information, and with a map that allows you to click on your province, it's easy to find help near you.



Site grapples with mental health stigma
This website has quizzes you can take to help understand if you are suffering from depression or anxiety. It has information on all mental illnesses and also links to other websites that are specific to each illness. Also, there is a link to help you learn how to cope with a mental illness and learn how to live with it. There's also a link about learning how to be aware of mental illness, which provides information about lowering the stigma of mental illnesses.



Student forum clears air about mental illness

The Student Room
This is an interactive site specifically for students. The forums range from test help, to mental health questions with a specific health and relationship section. In that section, you can learn where to go to get help for mental health issues. This website is a way to connect with other students and a safe space for students to discuss similar issues with other students. The website is valuable for students afraid to seek help. After speaking with peers who have similar issues, students may feel willing to seek help for stress, anxiety and depression.



24/7 help line lends ear to mental illness

Kids Help Phone
The toll-free number is available 24/7 and offers not only a shoulder to lean on, but also professionals that can help you find the help you need. This free number is not just for "kids". Also, the website is very resourceful. You can post a question online and get a response, get help with problems such as test anxiety, depression and eating disorders. There's also a section for "living on your own," which is helpful for students who are just moving out and learning to live without parental help. Also, there are links available on the sites and quizzes you can take to help you assess your mental health.


Knowing the signs of mental illness

Revolution Health
This website is for parents and students. Two separate sections for parents and students contain articles for each to help understand mental illnesses and decide if symptoms they're seeing or feeling are signs of depression or anxiety. For students, there are articles on how to deal with these issues. For parents, there are articles on how to recognize signs and symptoms and how to confront and help their child deal with these issues. There is also a discussion board both parents and students can join. There is a number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on the sidebar as well, and mental health blogs.


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