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Toyota faces legal action

(Globe and Mail) Toyota Motor Corporation is taking action after years of complaints about faulty accelerator pedals in some of its vehicles. Last week, Toyota announced a sales freeze and an expanded recall of vehicles around the world. Today, it is reported that the company will face two new class-action lawsuits in Canada and the U.S. Toyota already faces significant legal action in the U.S. for incidents involving sticky accelerators. A tragic incident near San Diego last summer, where the driver of a Toyota-made car killed himself and three others due to an inability to break, caused Toyota to step up its inquiry. In the fall, the company attributed problems with acceleration solely to an issue of loose floor mats. But the federal traffic safety agency later rebuked the company for suggesting that the issue was that simple.


Calls for a recall

Toyota company website, news brief
Toyota Canada announced it will stall production of affected vehicle models for the week of February 1, so the company can focus on fixing accelerator pedals in recalled vehicles by the end of this week. The page also lists vehicles associated with recall and delay.


Interim safety in September

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Consumer safety alert
On September 29, 2009, the NHTSA released a consumer alert on its website, cautioning Toyota and Toyota-made Lexus owners to remove floor mats on the driver's side of certain models and to refrain from replacing the mats. They warned that the mats could lead to "unintended acceleration." Namely, the accelerator pedal could get stuck in a depressed position and cause the car to crash. The report includes a list of vehicle models affected by the alert. The NHTSA said Toyota would soon recall certain models, and a removal of floor mats was simply an, "interim safety measure in advance of the recall."


Trouble in paradise

Toyota website displays financial results for the company for the first half of the fiscal year 2010 (ended September 30, 2021)
An overview of the financial results says that the net revenue for the first half of the fiscal year was 8.378-trillion yen, representing a decrease of 31.3 per cent relative to the same period of last year's fiscal year. Operating income decreased from 582-billion yen to 136.9-billion yen, and net income decreased from 493.9-billion yen to 56 billion yen. In North America, operating income decreased by 7.4-billion yen. The company attributes the decline to decreased vehicles sales in difficult market conditions.


Parts supplier wants no part

CTS Corporation news release, from CTS website
CTS, is a parts supplier for Toyota vehicles, has been blamed for supplying Toyota with faulty accelerator pedals and is currently involved in a class action suit. The news release published on January 29, 2010, says that, since the problem of "unintended acceleration" was reported as early as 1999, before CTS supplied to Toyota. CTS says the "rare slow return pedal phenomenon," which occurs in extreme climate conditions, should not be linked with any sudden unintended accelerator incidents. It specifies that it has made no accelerator pedals for Lexus or Toyota vehicles prior to model year 2005. CTS Vice President Dennis Thornton is quoted as saying, "We are disappointed that, despite these facts, CTS accelerator pedals have been frequently associated with the sudden unintended acceleration problems and incidents in various media reports."


Turbulent timeline

Safety Research and Strategies Inc., Toyota Sudden Acceleration Timeline
Put out by Safety Research and Strategies Inc., an American research group that focuses on safety issues, the timeline provides a comprehensive look at the ongoing Toyota accelerator issue, from 2001 to 2010. The timeline includes incidents of consumer complaints and warranty claims, Toyota's implementation of changes and a continuous NHTSA inquiry.


My husband was driving 2001 Toyota Tacoma Pickup on 11/27/09. He stepped on the break to slow down before interring HWY 24 instead the pickup accelerate, hit the curb and rolled over 3 times resulted in head and neck injury. How to approach a legal action.

Posted by Salwa Ibrahim | Feb 8, 2022

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