King’s serves up free Kraft Dinner in the Quad

Another lead-up event for Feb. 4th Day of Action

KSU serves up some KD in protest of tuition fee hikes. Photo: Katie Thompson


The King’s Student Union set up shop in front of the library to hand out free Kraft Dinner on Monday morning. In no time, dozens of students gathered around the booth to enjoy some warm mac and cheese on a cold day.

The KSU set up the booth as a lead-up to the Day of Action on Feb. 4, where students from every Halifax university will march the streets to demand lower tuition.

Monday’s event was in part to open the discussion on the day of action but also to talk about the financial issues students face. Anika Roberts-Stahlbrand, the external vice-president of the KSU, says since tuition fees are rising, students find it difficult to balance their budgets.

“Tuitions fees have gone up so much that students are actually struggling to pay for their education and food.”

According to the KSU, in 1975 students had to work for only 300 hours to make enough to pay for tuition fees, while students now need to work about 600 hours to cover the costs.

Roberts-Stahlbrand says the KSU has been putting on a number of events on King’s campus to promote the Day of Action. She says a big issue for King’s right now is the threat of being amalgamated with Dal.

“Our school has been around for 225 years,” she says. “And because core government funding has gone down so much our existence is actually being threatened.”

The Day of Action takes place next Wednesday. King’s students will meet in the Quad at 11:20.