Letting go of negativity

Fourth-year nursing students get creative with mental health awareness

Nursing students fill balloons with helium to let them go. (Photo: Katie Thompson)

“Let it go, let it go” … lyrics you probably never want to hear again after the popular animated movie Frozen came out about a year ago.

But a group of creative Dalhousie nursing students took the popular musical hit and helped students let go of negativity, self-hatred and flaws. The students set up a booth in the Student Union Building on Thursday and asked participants to write something they don’t like about themselves on a piece of paper, put it in a helium-filled balloon and let it go, while the song “Let it Go” played in the background.

A confidential space to write your worries and negative thoughts. Photo: Katie Thompson

The booth is part of “Random Acts of Health,” an initiative put on by nursing students who are doing their clinicals. Fourth-year student Christine Awad is currently in her mental health clinical. She says each week they have done something fun or exciting to help students out.

“Our theme this week is to let go of your worries and negative thoughts,” she said. “The point is to let go of negative feelings to make room for positivity.”

Last week, nursing students put out a wellness tree where they had people write positive things about themselves. Next week, they’ll bring bubble wrap to the SUB to pop stress away.

“Everyone loves bubble wrap,” joked Awad. “It’s a real stress reliever.”

Although Sarah Trower is no longer a student, she still appreciates the initiative. She filled out a piece of paper and let a yellow balloon hit the ceiling.

Balloons filled with negative thoughts are let go. Photo: Katie Thompson

“I feel like (letting go) is something I was told to do in my mind,” said Trower. “And now I get to do it for real, so that’s pretty cool.”

Awad and her nursing colleagues were luring people to their booth with free granola bars to take part. But she says the balloons caught enough attention to the booth this morning.

“People seem to enjoy coming in and doing these fun events,” says Awad. “We’re just trying to promote positive thinking for stressed students.”