MSVU introduces cellphone charging station

MSVU’s student union has set up a free cellphone charging station in the lobby of the Rosaria building.

Students can charge their phones at the free charging station on MSVU campus. (Photo: Jessica Filoso)

Mount Saint Vincent University students are beginning to charge in the student union building.

Their phones, that is.

The MSVU student union placed a free cellphone charging station in the lobby of the Rosaria Student Centre building on Nov. 4.

Kenney Fitzpatrick, general manager of the union, says it’s an “easy service” that can be provided for students.

A free cellphone charging station was brought up as a want from students when the MSVU student union asked what improvements could be made to campus.

“The solution kind of fell into my lap,” says Zach Gallant, president of the MSVU student union. A company called DanTeb Enterprises, from Toronto, Ont., contacted Gallant and offered him a charging station wrapped in ads for free.

The station provides charging cords for all popular smartphones and models: new and old iPhone cords, Android cords, and BlackBerry cords.

Kenney Fitzpatrick, general manager of the student union, says he has seen students plug in their phones and sit down and do some school work. (Photo: Jessica Filoso)

Vitaminwater ads cover the kiosk and the LCD screen on the front. But the university’s student union can place their own ads on the screen, or sell the ad space to the community.

Gallant and Fitzpatrick say that feedback from students has, so far, been positive. Adding more charging stations to campus may happen if it becomes a popular tool for students.

“We’re seeing a lot of people that are out there just kind of looking at it, even if they aren’t using it they are really intrigued by it,” says Gallant.




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