Not Want to Play Sports: Lazy or Tired?

Right now, I’m doing a lot of sports. At least once a day, sometimes twice! I am notably the Pilates calendar offered for free on the BLOGILATES website. This American coach offers us every day a set of pilates exercises to perform at home. Every day of the week is dedicated to an area of the body: abdominals, arms and back, buttocks, legs etc. I enjoy checking the small boxes of the sessions done every day and sharing it on Instagram to motivate you.

The other day, I said in a story that I was too lazy to do my sport but that I had done my session anyway. I felt proud and energetic.

I received several comments telling me that I was not listening, and that I had to learn to rest. I thought it was very interesting! These messages inspired me to write this article!

Do you know the difference between laziness and fatigue? Do you know when your body needs rest or when, on the contrary, it needs a “kick to the buttocks”?

Fatigue is when you have insufficient rest time. You lack sleep or your sleep is of low quality. Your diet is not balanced. You work too hard. You don’t sleep well. You’re training too much. You are too busy with work or family, for all the tasks you have to do on a daily basis…

In short, the reasons for fatigue (the real one) are multiple and unique to everyone. And when you’re physically exhausted, you actually need to know how to press the STOP button.

If you feel exhausted as soon as you wake up, have headaches or muscle tension, feel physically “exhausted”: take a few days off. Sport is not your priority. Take some time to recover. You’re going to have to do it. Sleep!

Laziness is another story! Sometimes it’s just a lack of motivation: “I’m lazy to put on my sportswear” “I’m lazy to sweat” “I’m better off on the couch” “I’m more like watching a show than exercising”

And then sometimes we had a complicated day at work. We don’t have the morale. We are not in the energy of playing sports. You feel “at the end” morally. There, it is in the head that it is played.

Flemme and moral fatigue: in either case, sport is your solution!

Sport is When You Least Want it that You Need it the Most

After your session, you will feel in top shape, you will be proud of yourself. You’ll have more energy. You will feel energized and confident. Physical activity is great to put us back in a few minutes in a virtuous dynamic! Morale’s rising. Anxiety and sadness fly away.

For my part, I never expect to be motivated. Motivation is like the battery on your mobile phone: at the end of the day, there are no more!

So I never count on motivation. I’m still counting on DISCIPLINE. I don’t have any questions. I follow my own rules. If I have decided to follow a sports calendar, I do all the sessions in a disciplined manner.

That’s it… So it makes me smile when I get messages like “You should listen to yourself and rest.” I think people project themselves on me and reassure themselves by writing this.  It is obvious that the people who write this to me, do not engage in any physical activity, certainly feel guilty and reassure themselves as they can. I understand that. And I have no judgment about that.

If you still have trouble knowing if you’re tired or lazy doing your workout, ask yourself these questions:

Do you have enough energy to eat out with your best friend?  For shopping? To go for a swim in the sea? Yes? Then put on your sneakers!