Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History becomes a Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit opens in Halifax

Dinosaurs visit Halifax in the new exhibit, Dinosaurs Unearthed. (Photo: Emily Sollows)

Roaring, moving, life-sized dinosaurs lit up the fascinated faces of kids and adults at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History’s Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit on Thursday night.

The opening of this exhibit was especially exciting for 8-year-old Niklas Sykora of Halifax. “I want to be a paleontologist some day,” said Nicklas, who called the dinosaurs “awesome.”

The exhibit features animatronic dinosaurs from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, skeletons, fossils and an interactive dig station for kids. The exhibit has travelled throughout North America and is finally making a stop in Atlantic Canada, which is home to the fossils of Canada’s oldest dinosaur.

Tim Fedak is the director of the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro, N.S. He said the exhibit is important in terms of reminding Nova Scotians about the rich fossil grounds in the province.

“It’s very rewarding to see people excited about it here,” he said. “Dinosaurs are just so fun.”

He said dinosaurs are big right now, especially with the hype of the Jurassic World movie coming to theatres this June. And prehistoric creatures are of interest to people of all ages.

The hashtag #HFXdinos was introduced at the opening ceremony of the exhibit and instantly became popular on Twitter.

Melissa Boucher-Guilbert is the exhibit designer and fabricator. She put together the display promoting the digs of the Bay of Fundy, Parrsboro and Canada’s oldest dinosaur. She said that promoting these specimen-rich areas of the province has been exciting and important, “working on dinosaurs has been fantastic.”

The exhibit runs from Jan. 30 until May 24. Admission fees vary, but student discounts are available.