NSPIRG debuts radio show on CKDU

Dal group creates protest-music-based radio show

Stephen Thomas and Katerina Stein discuss Divest Dal on the first NSPIRG radio show. (Photo: Heather Brimicombe)

Wednesday night was the inaugural show for Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group’s (NSPIRG) new radio show.

The show will be done in a magazine style, taking a look into protest music with live guest interviews, and will air every two or three weeks on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

The radio show will feature not only lots of protest music from the large collection of CKDU, but live music as well. The show also has a few live interview segments where they speak to some of the working groups of the organization and have them share their projects.

The goal of the new radio show is to allow NSPIRG to reach more students, and public, to better inform them of projects they can be a part of.

The organization does a lot of work based around workshops, education and topic focused projects, by taking suggestions from anyone who would like to contribute. The board of the group decided that one of the best ways to distribute the information was to use another public service, CKDU.

NSPIRG itself is a group which helps link research and social justice action. The group is non- profit as well as non-partisan and open to the public. On their website they explain their three step approach. Research, education, and action.

The group is known on Dalhousie and King’s Campus as an activism hub with many working groups that are spread out through various subjects of interest.

NSPIRG radio is a part of CKDU’s Be the Media working group which helps anyone interested in getting their voice out to an audience.

Ben and Friends, a local band, performed live for the inaugural show.

“There’s a great deal of activism and politics in performance art,” said Shepherd, an NSPIRG employee.

To celebrate their new show, the group will be holding a listening party for each broadcast in the NSPIRG office, Room 314 of the Dal student union building. Anyone who would like to attend the listening party is welcomed to a night of music, and fun.