Emotions ran high and students put up a valiant effort against their professors.(Photo: Adam Scotti)

Dal IDS professors pull out a "W" against their students

Students take on their professors for a good cause, and trivia glory

The competition was stiff at the Grad House tonight as professors and students of Dalhousie's International Development Studies program faced off in an intense trivia challenge. Approximately 35 students packed into a room on the building's second floor to watch the challenge unfold.

The competition was to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation's DARE Campaign, which encourages Canadians to raise money for the organizations fighting the AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Not only for a good cause

Alex McPhedran, a fourth year IDS honours student, organized the event. She says that in addition to raising money for a good cause, the trivia competition was about bringing the program closer together.

Want to try your hand at IDS trivia? Check out photos from the event and sample questions. Answers are spelt backwards in brackets. (Photos: Adam Scotti)

"What I wanted to see was the professors and the students get together and do something interactive. I think a bit of humility is great."

This is the first time that the IDS department has put on a trivia competition but the professors and students have been working with the DARE campaign since it started more than three years ago.

"I worked with Dr. John Cameron two years ago and he did a superhero, Development Man, if 10 or more students participated in the DARE campaign," McPhedran explains. "Last year Dr. Robert Huish dyed himself blue if 10 students would get involved." 

This past December 10 IDS students took part in a polar dip at Chocolate Lake to raise money for the campaign. The students and faculty were able to raise more than $3,300 in December.

Each student was encouraged to give two dollars to take part in or watch the trivia competition. McPhedran says one professor has already donated $200.

'We're the new hotness'

Dr. Nissim Mannathukkaren, a part of "Team Professor" and chair of the IDS department, says as well as playing for a good cause, this event was about bringing everyone together, and some friendly competition.

"Our department has put a lot of emphasis on interacting with students outside of the classroom. We will give the students some stiff competition. I think we will win."

Robert McLean, a member of "Team Student", disagreed with his professor's prediction.

"The profs are old and busted, we're the new hotness. It's math, it's simple math. We're the future," McLean says with a chuckle. "It's a great event. We're making people laugh, we're raising money. You can't argue with that."

McPhedran says ultimately it's not about who wins or loses, the competition is about raising money and having fun.

"It's a great way of showcasing our field of study but also staying fun and interactive. I think this idea will be very viable in the future. "

The competition came down to the final question but the older and, arguably, wiser professors were able to squeak out the win.

The prize?

Bragging rights.  

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