Our Best Tips for a Long Road Trip in RV

Are you planning a road trip in VR soon? Sometimes the best way to explore is to do it slowly, you’re right. A few weeks on the road allow you to find small jewels well hidden along the way, and enjoy the landscape in complete serenity, or delicious meals in a charming little town crossed at random.

Each road trip has its own challenges, but if you choose to think outside the box with an open mind, chances are your trip will be a charm until you return. And to achieve this, here are our best tips!

Sit your budget

Determining what you can spend on a road trip is the first thing to plan before planning the rest. What is the maximum amount you should not exceed? How many days do you want to leave without completely emptying your bank account? So many questions need to be asked.

Plan your itinerary

The second step is to plan your route and give it a time. You just have to estimate roughly how much time you want to spend on the road and in the places where you will stop along the way.

Get a good mattress

This is really important to get a good RV mattress if you plan to do a long road trip. A poor-quality mattress can seriously affect your sleep quality and while traveling, it is really important to be awake to avoid any mistakes while driving.

Plan for the unpredictable

When you travel, you never know what you’re going to discover along the way. Who knows, maybe you’ll spend time chatting by the fire with friendly camping neighbors and fall in love with the place they’ve advised you. So keep your roadmap open enough to allow you small pleasures like this!

Moderate your duct

A trip always goes better when you take your time to get to your destination. To achieve this, minimize your driving hours, and maximize your stops by thinking about stretching your legs and taking a little snack.

Mark gas stations

It is imperative to know the location of the gas stations that will be on your route. There is indeed nothing more stressful than seeing the gasoline light on its dashboard and knowing that the next station is tens of kilometres away. So remember to show them on your itinerary! You will thank us for making you think about this detail.

Prepare snacks

The same rules apply for snacks and gas stations. Days spent on the road can seem long when you haven’t prepared properly. So we suggest you prepare a small stock of healthy snacks to keep you going! You can also consider buying instant coffee to help you with your morning routine.

Avoid processed food

When you travel, it’s not the usual routine. So it may seem quite normal to go and get treats when you stop along the way… but beware of associated stomach aches! While choosing healthier options, especially when you have big days ahead of you, you stay more focused and, above all, more energetic. Vr allows it, so cook as soon as you can!

Consider the climate

Which way are you going? From Eastern to Western Canada, the weather may vary. And if you’re heading north or south, prepare for sometimes drastic changes in climate and pack accordingly.

Think of a housekeeper

If you are leaving your home for a long time, you should expect someone to watch it while you are away. Some neighbourhoods have fairly strict regulations regarding turf cutting. And the accumulating mail can give un-Catholic ideas to burglars. Also, hiring someone to look after these details and verify that everything is fine during your absence allows you to spend a much more serene holiday.

Make copies

We may be in the digital age, but you never know when your cell phone or tablet may run out of batteries. So it’s safer to make a hard copy of your route plan, camping reservations and information to have on hand in case of an emergency. If you are crossing the border or travelling abroad, also entrust a copy of your passport to a trusted person who is not participating in your trip.

Get insurance

Depending on the destination you choose, you may need insurance. For example, if you cross the Canadian border, health insurance is essential.
Now that you have all this stuff in mind, it’s time to prepare for your next road trip in VR!

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