Student jobs at King’s sustained despite declining enrolment

Student employment at Sodexo and patrol unchanged by enrolment


Celine Beland, director of food services at Sodexo at the University of King’s College, says no student jobs will be cut despite declining enrolment at the school. Photo: Thoshlae Smith

King’s patrol staff and student employees at Sodexo will not be subjects of drastic student job cuts at University of King’s College this semester.

Although student enrolment dropped from 1,184 as of the beginning of December 2013 to 1,115 students in December 2014, there will be no significant changes in the amount of jobs offered to students who seek employment on campus.

Campus jobs are a good source of income for university students who pay on average $4,747 in tuition and fees, according to Statistics Canada in a 2011 education fact sheet.

Celine Beland, services contractor and director of food services at Sodexo, said that revisions of her schedule last week resulted in five shifts being cut, but she called it “no big loss”.

Beland said that students who had their shifts cut will have the opportunity to work at catering events like formal meal.

For students like Colleen McGuire, working at Sodexo helps to pay her bills.

“I have to pay for my rent and my groceries so I need a source of income,” said McGuire, a third-year King’s and Dalhousie student.

Before getting hired by Sodexo, McGuire experienced difficulty finding a job in Halifax. It wasn’t until she went in and spoke to a manager at Sodexo that McGuire got hired.

Source: Maritime Province Higher Education Commission (MPHEC)

Giving students work experience is important to Beland and Nicholas Hatt, dean of student life at King’s.

“It teaches students how to hold down the responsibility of a job,” said Hatt. “It’s a way for students to take ownership of life on campus by helping to maintain the safety of the campus atmosphere and maintain the safety of their peers.“

Hatt oversees Patrol, a team of 35 students that reinforce campus guidelines and policies. The students work from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m., and are identifiable by their red shirts.