Referendum on levied societies withdrawn

New motions on agenda for next meeting

The Dalhousie Student Union council member who wanted to require levied societies to justify their subsidy every five years has chosen to withdraw the motion.

The councillor, Andrew Mecke, was absent from a meeting Wednesday, at which a vote on the motion was scheduled to take place.

Representatives from levied societies packed the last meeting to passionately oppose the five-year referendums.

“I’ve met with five or six of the levied societies so far and the others will be in the next week or so,” said DSU president Jamie Arron. “It’s frustrating for me now that I’ve gone out and arranged nine meetings and the motion has been withdrawn.”

The new notices of motion put forward on Mecke’s behalf were:

  • Do you support students at Dalhousie University being able to opt out of the DSU membership and all subsequent fees?
  • Do you support members of the union being able to opt out of any faculty, school or resident society?
  • Do you support members of the union being able to opt out of any levied society?

The motions will be sent to the DSU’s board of operations and the elections committee before coming back for further discussion at the next council meeting.

Arron said the DSU is hopeful to get the situation resolved soon.

“Over Reading Week we’ll be compiling all of our information and putting it out to everyone for the first week in March,” said Arron.

The issue has been ongoing since December.

Proposed fee increases

Several of the levied societies are proposing fee increases, which will come back for a decision at the next meeting.

  • NSPIRG is asking for a $2 increase from $4 to $6 per year.
  • The Loaded Ladle is also asking for a $2 increase from $2 to $4.
  • The Dalhousie Gazette wants an increase of $1.25 from $5 to $6.25.
  • CKDU wants a raise of $1.25 from $9 to $10.25.

The Dalhousie University Nursing Society, which is paid by nursing students only, is looking for an increase of $2 per year.

Entire meeting:

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