Preview: King’s fees could go up by $180

Students will hear from administration and weigh in on funding for a new Dalhousie athletics facility

The Dalplex, the athletics facility used by King’s and Dal students. Photo: Beth Hendry

The King’s Student Union will host a town hall meeting on Monday to discuss contributing to a new athletics facility at Dalhousie. Students will vote Tuesday and Wednesday for — or against — a proposed $180 hike to their mandatory athletics fee.

The current fee is $259.56 per year.

Neil Hooper, King’s athletic director, released a report in favour of King’s students opting-in, which outlines the proposed fee hike and what it will pay for.

As a preview to the vote, here is a summary of some key points:

  • “The plan” — A new athletics facility is needed because the Dal population has nearly doubled since the now-outdated Dalplex opened. Dal students have already agreed to pay an extra $180 per year to fund the project, described as a “large-sized Goodlife fitness facility.”
  • “Financial commitment” — Renovations on existing sports facilities plus the cost of the proposed new gym will total between $46.5 and $70 million. If King’s students agree to the $180 fee they will start paying once the building opens three years from now. If they choose to opt out, a membership will cost between $500 and $600.
  • “Major benefits to students and the university” — A new athletics facility will help attract students to the school and keep them here. Access to two university’s facilities is rare amongst post-secondary institution
  • “The future” — Students and members of the public want modern facilities consistent with the the latest developments in the fitness industry.

For more information check out this fact sheet compiled by the King’s Student Union, and stay tuned for our coverage. The meeting is at 7 p.m. on Nov. 26 in the KTS Red Room.