Dalhousie senate chairman resigns

Alan Pinder publicly announces his resignation as senate chairman Monday night

The senate meeting at University Hall Monday night learned about Pinder’s resignation.

The chairman of Dalhousie University’s senate publicly tendered his resignation Monday night, citing personal reasons for his early departure.

Alan Pinder became chairman last July for what was supposed to be a two year term ending June 30, 2016. His resignation will come into effect on June 30 this year, giving the senate time to find a replacement.

It’s undoubtedly been a rough year for senate members, but Pinder assured his colleagues that the dentistry issue had no impact on his decision.

“Being chair turns out to not be a good fit,” he told the senate during a meeting Monday night. “I can assure you it is not a message. It is not because of faculty, my colleagues or even the dentistry scandal. … It is due to my personal fitness and mental health.”

He was in good humour as he was talking to the senate, often eliciting a round of chuckles from other members.

“For a different person, chair of senate is a great position,” he said, ending his news on a positive note.

Dal president Richard Florizone made no public comment on the matter.

Jacqueline Skiptunis, student senator and DSU Vice President, who missed the first few minutes of the meeting had just learned about the resignation Tuesday morning.

“I think he’s been as helpful as he can be and has done as good a job as possible in the short amount of time he’s been there,” she said in a phone interview.