Sidney Crosby back on the ice where he belongs.

10 reasons we're happy Sidney Crosby is back

Hockey fans rejoice at discussing Crosby's plays instead of doctors' appointments


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Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma sporting a Movember 'stache.

Tonight, Cole Harbour's Sidney Crosby will play his second game since returning to hockey on Monday night. His Pittsburgh Penguins host the St. Louis Blues at 8 p.m. AST.

Here are 10 reasons why university students and hockey fans should be happy Crosby is back.

Why we should be happy to have Sid the Kid playing again

  1. No more reading headlines such as "Sidney Crosby looks on" or "Crosby eats a chicken wing."
  2. Biggest news in NHL season prior to Crosby's return: Tampa Bay Lightning and Philadelphia Flyers do nothing.
  3. Washington Capitals' forward Alex Ovechkin might actually be motivated to play well again.
  4. We've heard enough about the Toronto Maple Leafs' great start to the season.
  5. We've heard enough about Toronto Maple Leafs' forward Phil Kessel's great start to the season.
  6. Crosby's Tim Horton's commercials are touching.
  7. TSN hockey insiders Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie can report on things other than Crosby's next appointment with the doctor. Though that was riveting stuff.
  8. The San Jose Sharks are at number one in this week's ESPN NHL Power Rankings. That needs to stop.
  9. We missed hearing "Crosby's on pace for <insert ridiculous number here>."
  10. Nova Scotians can stop worrying about shipbuilding, paper mills and budgets and concentrate on hockey again.

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