Halifax universities active on Remembrance Day

Students and representatives turned out at the Grand Parade Cenotaph on Remembrance Day to take part in the ceremony.

King's College Student Union was just one of the student organizations to lay a wreath on Remembrance Day in Halifax. Photo by Amber Nicholson

Many young faces could be seen at the Grand Parade Remembrance Day service Nov 11.

Dalhousie's Union President Shannon Zimmerman and King's College President David Etherington both took part in the ceremony and put down wreaths at the cenotaph on behalf of the student unions and the students of both universities.

Zimmerman thinks that university participation is important.
"A university is part of a community and when members of the community gather together like this, the university should be there," she said.

Along with laying a wreath at the cenotaph, Zimmerman said the Dalhousie Student Union also makes a donation to the veterans.

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The supply of poppies was running low as students filled up donation cans at King's College

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Dalhousie and King's College student union presidents lay wreaths on behalf of their fellow students at Grand Parade in Halifax. By Andrew Kudel and Peter Clarke

Dalhousie was also represented by its engineering school and the school of public administration. Each group laid a wreath. The Atlantic School of Theology also participated in the wreath-laying ceremony.

The Royal Canadian Legion is pleased with the number of younger people turning out to ceremonies.

Bob Butt, director of communications for the Royal Canadian Legion. said that Remembrance Day has become more important as veterans from the World Wars grow older.
He also acknowledges the connection young Canadians feel with the Canadian soldiers serving abroad.

"This could be because they are connecting more with their history. It could be because of the awareness that has been created by our involvement in Afghanistan. People have become more attached to our forces since they have deployed to Afghanistan," he said.


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