A Movember to remember

Halifax's Movember wrap-up gala full of mos, bros, sistas and a few Chilean miners


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Moustachioed mounties get down on the dance floor at Halifax's Movember gala party. (Photo: Katie Rankin)

The Waterfront Warehouse was full of moustachio'd men and their supporters on Thursday as Halifax celebrated a Movember of mo' growing and fundraising.

Many people were in costume, hoping to match their upper-lip hair to their outfit and win a coveted Movember award.

As partygoers milled around the room drinking from the bar and munching on free nachos, judges dressed in schoolgirl uniforms searched the crowd looking for the best of Movember.

Mark Smith, one of the nominees for best overall moustache, found out he was cancer-free earlier in the day.

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Two mo bros show off their month's work. (Photo: Katie Rankin)

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Movember fun at the Waterfront Warehouse.

When deciding the winner, the host announced Smith's good news. The crowd erupted in applause as Smith grinned on stage. He went on to win best overall moustache.

There were several team costumes including Mario and Luigi, Mo-ami Vice and the Chilean miners. The miners came complete with the capsule to escape from the mine.

Other Movember teams didn't participate in the costume contest, but were present to celebrate their money-raising efforts for the month. Seated at a table drinking beer, The Mo Better Bankers from Scotiabank proudly said they raised more than $800 this Movember.

Several women took part in the festivities, either matching their partners' costumes or donning fake moustaches.

As the room filled, nominees for the awards were introduced on a side stage. Winners were chosen in the categories of:
• Best Movember couple
• Miss Movember
• Best mo in character
• Best mo team
• Lamest mo for saddest attempted moustache
• Best overall moustache

Winners in each category were chosen by loudest audience applause. The audience chose the "Man of Movember" from the male winners in each award category by applause.

The final award, man of Movember, came down to a mo bro wearing a too-tight police uniform, a Chilean miner in his capsule, a mo bro in tuxedo and Smith.

The Chilean miner was crowned the man of Movember after receiving the loudest audience applause.





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