Apple has created applications for the creation and sale of e-textbooks


Apple enters e-textbook market

One of the world’s largest technology company further expands domain


Apple announced today it is entering the world of academic e-books. At the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the company demonstrated its latest applications: iBooks Author and iBooks 2.

iBooks Author will allow individuals to publish their own textbooks, available for purchase through iBooks 2.

In addition, traditional publishing houses will make their books available in electronic format.

These new e-textbooks are being highlighted for their interactivity, affordability and portability. 

At this point, these texts are available only for elementary and secondary education. And already some large publishers are onboard: Pearson and McGraw-Hill have texts available for download.

Prices for new high school textbooks have been capped at $14.99

Apple said traditional textbooks are no longer working for children and called on the U.S.'s lagging international test scores to highlight this. However, Apple hopes revamping the textbook might increase enthusiasm in learning.

Tomorrow, UNews will investigate the implications these new developments could have for university students and professors. 



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