Condemn Sandusky and Paterno: Protect our children, not the institutions

Rich men should not be getting away with rape.

The child sexual abuse charges against former Penn State assistant coach Jeffrey Sandusky should be on everyone’s mind—not Penn State’s and head coach Joe Paterno’s “reputation.” Sandusky's alleged victims have lost their dignity and are now fighting for their very souls. This is not the time to pout about one’s reputation or to riot with indignation, as the students at Penn State have been doing.

Some people have even threatened the witnesses’ lives, according to police. I guess I must be missing something. Dante once wrote, “
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” Paterno sat on the sidelines as innocent boys were having their very souls ripped away by a monster. His self-righteous hubris is unbearable. If convicted, Sandusky should get life in prison, preferably death, and Paterno should be investigated and charged if the police find out that he lied. 

The “code of silence” of the Sandusky case is reminiscent of the Catholic Church’s damnable sin and crime in its cover-up and complicit continuation of the sexual abuse of innocent children all around the world. Pope Benedict XVI and three other top Vatican officials have rightfully been put before the Hague's International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity for abetting and covering up the sexual abuse of children by priests. Those who covered up the abuse by priests also need to be arrested no matter what title they carry.  

Lawsuits—not the welfare of children—seem to be the only thing on the minds of the complicit Penn State officials and officials at Sandusky’s “charity” group, The Second Mile. This group knew of him allegedly raping boys in 1998 and in 2002 at Penn State, but nothing was done to stop these alleged evil acts.

This is not just about Penn State or Sandusky. It harkens back to the hubris of rich men who think they can abuse anyone and throw the person, even a child, away. 

If indeed Jeffrey Sandusky was “pimping” children to rich donors as Mike Madden, a Pittsburgh radio host, has alleged, then he will join the likes of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender, who raped young girls and auctioned them off to other rich men in the high echelons of society.

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The Second Mile's address

Epstein was associated with private equity firm Apollo Global’s Leon Black, President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew of England, Leslie Wexner of Limited Brands co. and Donald Trump until his arrest. Except for Prince Andrew, they hurriedly tried to distance themselves from their past friend, with whom they had numerous, private parties. Apollo Global's founder and CEO Leon Black even hired Epstein to be on the board of his charity from 2002 to 2008. Epstein was then arrested in 2008, serving 13 months in house arrest of an 18-month sentence for a charge of soliciting prostitution in his mansion. Go figure.

Epstein also hung out with charities, such as the Robin Hood Foundation that fights poverty in New York City and rubbed shoulders with hedge fund billionaires there, such as Steven A. Cohen of SAC Capital, chair Lee Ainslie, and founder Paul Tudor Jones. Epstein donated money to Jones’ Robin Hood Foundation, a charity that aims to fight poverty in New York City. Similar to Sandusky’s interaction with charities involving children, Epstein was able to go to Robin Hood Foundation functions.  He is currently on trial for sex abuse. As of 2011, about 40 girls between 13 and 17 have accused Epstein of sexual abuse. He is now fighting lawsuits from victims regarding the plea deal that he and the Federal Bureau of Investigation made without their knowledge. If they suceeed, he could be put on trial again.

Ironically, the very place a vulnerable child is supposed to be protected is the very place in which the torment occurs. Parents and police need to keep a close eye on the charities that work with troubled kids and religious congregations for mind controlling pedophiles masquerading as friends of children.

As an American, having attended a Catholic middle school and having played hockey, I am sickened every time I read a story of a child being raped by a priest or a trusted school official. I can’t even write this story without a convulsion of the stomach. This cesspool must be cleaned up now.

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You need to be careful about what you state as fact. In your first paragraph you use words like "alleged", which is good, but your second paragraph completely ignores that and we, the reader, can tell that you have obviously convicted a man before the court system has. I'll admit, the case against him is staggering, and his interview with NBC's Bob Costas last night did more harm to him than good in my opinion. Clearly you feel very strongly about this story, and the allegations made are horrifying indeed. However as a journalist you need to be weary about how emotionally involved you get with a story, even if it's an opinion piece.

Posted by Alex | Nov 15, 2021