Dal hockey team robbed on and off the ice

Tigers on thin ice after $7,000 worth of hockey sticks stolen from their locker room

Dal hockey players are down to their last sticks. Photo: Jenn Vargas

After losing their final game of their season to UNB's Varsity Reds hockey team, the Dalhousie Tigers faced more bad news Thursday morning when they discovered their locker room ransacked.

Twenty five Easton Synergy hockey sticks valued at $250 each were stolen sometime between 7:40pm Wednesday night and Thursday morning, after their equipment room in the arena was broken into.

The sticks totalling more than $7,000, made up about 25 per cent of the team's budget according to head coach Pete Belliveau.

"There were also goalie sticks and skates that were not touched," says Belliveau.

"The sticks are a lot easier to steal I imagine, because they're all in one piece."

"I've contacted the media, security and the police have been notified ... but I don't expect to get any of the sticks back."

Team Captain Jeff Larsh says the team was shocked to find an empty stick rack waiting for them Thursday morning.
"It sucked pretty bad, we were scrambling to find sticks just to practise with," says Larsh.

"We're using our practise sticks now, and we're down to about one stick each. Which is tough when you're a hockey player because they break so often."

As tough as it is to lose such expensive and quality equipment, Larsh remains confident the sticks will be found.

"It's hard to sell those sticks because they're so specific and easy to identify, if you see someone on the street selling them you're going to ask yourself where they got them."


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