Students marching out from campus. (Photo: Kelly Graham)

Dalhousie Students March For Food Justice

Health ministers are about to get an earful

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Students sing, chant and march to protest global food inequity. (Slideshow: Kelly Graham)

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Dalhousie students march for food justice. (Video: Jonathan Briggins)

Approximately 55 Dalhousie University students marshaled this morning to march for food justice.

The march was a result of an International Development Studies class that began in September. Robert Huish, the professor running the class, says the current state of world hunger is not due to an actual food shortage. Instead world hunger is a result of market forces and government action.

The march headed out from the Henry Hicks Building, at 6299 South Street, and went downtown. The student march  joined a labour rally that was being held at Victoria Park, across the street from the Lord Nelson Hotel where the ministers of health were meeting for the Halifax Accord. Students chanted about stopping Stephen Harper's privatisation plans along side labour activists. Huish says some of the students’ requests would result in lower long-term health costs.

A news release from the students states lists the four requests they have to deliver.  They want:

  • Dalhousie to become a leader in making sure Canadian universities don’t support land grabs in Africa.
  • The mayor of Halifax to apply a levy to soda producers who use municipal water to create their product. 
  • The province of Nova Scotia to create a school food program with an emphasis on local and healthy food.
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper to ensure no Canadian firms participate in African land grabs.

UNews live tweeted the march. Follow @unewsca on Twitter for any new developments.

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Posted by Sarah | Nov 25, 2021

because its a necessity to live...?

Posted by Gavin | Nov 26, 2021

It wasn't a march against eating! It wasn't a hunger strike! It was about food security and food justice. All the food was healthy, homemade and helped to convey the message! Great answer Gavin!

Posted by Jake | Nov 30, 2021