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Film Review: "A Very [High] Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" Flies

Movie Review of "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas"

This 3D movie is a recreational drug-themed film that satisfies the high expectations of its fans from "Harold and Kumar: White Castle" and "Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay."

In the movie, Kumar Patel, played by the high-comedy-based Kal Penn, is set on getting back his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

Harold Lee, played by the deadpan John Cho, has to search high and low for a Christmas tree to replace the one Kumar burned down.

Danny Trejo, who played the machete-wielding macho man in "Machete," is in the movie as Harold's father-in-law... Need I say any more?

To see what makes Christmas so special for Danny Trejo, you'll just have to watch the movie.

The baby is definitely a major highlight of the movie. Again, watch  the movie to find out what he does.

The Occupy movement is thrown into the movie in a hilarious scene.  The pair later crash a party of a Russian mob boss, looking for a tree and for a virgin for another guy.

That doesn't go too well.

Three Words: Neil Patrick Harris.

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His eponymous character is obnoxious and steals the show. He is the singing star of the Christmas show.

The flagpole scene from "A Christmas Story" sticks to the viewers' eyes and mind at one point.

Santa Claus and Jesus (what?) also have roles in the movie. Santa comes with a bang. Jesus doesn't.

You can try to guess if this movie ends on a high note or on a low one. The movie company definitely teased its audience with certain 3D scenes.

Don't forget your munchies.

This movie is playing at Bayer's Lake Theatre.

It runs for 89 minutes, and it's rated R for, you guessed it, drug use, pervasive language, graphic nudity, and some violence.

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