You can find the new food truck near the front entrance of Dal Killam Library. (Photo: Jonathan Briggins)

Food truck offers students a new dish

My Three Cousins serves Turkish, Greek and Lebanese meals.

Chris Levy has found a new favourite place to eat and it's right on the campus where he studies.

By now, he and many of his fellow Dalhousie University students have noticed the bright yellow food trailer parked near the entrance of Killam Memorial Library.

The new trailer is a mobile restaurant called My Three Cousins, thus named because it offers a fusion of foods from three different cultures: Turkish, Greek and Lebanese. It began serving food on Oct. 7.

"I've only had the chicken souvlaki, but it's really good. It rivals anything else I've had in Halifax," says Levy, a second year Ph.D student. "I prefer this over anything around here right now."

Enlarge Timeline

According to Dalhousie Food Services' Resident District Manager Derrick Hines, the university's students have been asking for more options for a while.

"For years the number one franchise they were asking for was Subway," Hines said in an interview Wednesday. Their second choice, he added, was "a middle-eastern menu". The university learned this through a student survey it conducts every year to find out what type of food students want.

This year, the university granted both wishes by opening a Subway in the Killam Library in September and My Three Cousins in October. The food trailer is entirely owned and run by Dalhousie Food Services.

Students unaware of new product

One block away, in front of the Student Union Building, Jerry "the Dawgfather" Reddick maintains the usual high level of traffic at his hot dog stand. He says it's tough for the new food truck to compete with him because he's been at the location for 14 years.

Over a span of an hour, he serves roughly 100 people. Mohammed Almutib and Ahmed Abu Rashid are loyal customers.

"There are no other options here. There is just Tim Hortons and Dawgfather, that's it." says Almutib. "And they have Subway in the library, but you have to wait in the line 45 minutes,"

Both admit they have yet to try the food from My Three Cousins.

Abu Rashid says he has his own reasons for eating at the Dawgfather.

"I eat here because the meat is halal," he says. "So I trust here more."

He remains unaware that My Three Cousins offers a halal hot dog of its own.

It's an improvement

Theodore Kolokolnikov, a Dalhousie math professor, also appreciates the new option.

"I've been to many campuses and I think Dalhousie has the worst food services so any addition to it is very welcome," he says.

Asked if he's enjoying the food at My Three Cousins, he says it's "decent".

Healthy options still lacking

Cam McGeough, a fourth year commerce student, is also happy with the additional choices, but still wants more.

"I know a lot of my vegetarian and vegan friends don't have options here," he says, adding he'd also like to see more low calorie and "smart food" choices.

McGeough says that vegetarian options are hard to come by "unless you're going to eat a salad everyday for lunch."

Asked to comment on the food at My Three Cousins, he says it is different from the offerings from Subway, Quizno's and Pizza Pizza, but because it's fast food, "it's more of the same."

While more publicity is needed to spread the word about My Three Cousins, Hines says Food Services is waiting for the trailer to move to its permanent location before having a grand opening.

The new location is in front the economics building on a new concrete pad about 10m away from where it is now.

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