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Hit and miss at Harbour City

Delta Halifax restaurant offers up rich décor, but tasty pasta entrée too small.


The chicken penne was filling, but left a lot to be desired taste-wise. Photo: Sarah Kraus

I'd never heard of the Harbour City Bar and Grill until it popped up on Groupon, offering $40 worth of food and drinks for $20. Their website looked swanky and the menu was reasonably priced for a student budget, so I decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is located in the Delta Halifax. After driving through a Halifax blizzard and initially walking into the wrong Delta, my friend and I finally found what we were looking for.

Harbour City is designed with a modern, hip flair. With dimmed lights, candles and tall furniture, the restaurant exudes a rich ambience. It was relatively busy inside, too, with people chatting at the bar as well as sitting down for dinner.

Our hostess and waitress were both friendly, going beyond the lazy "What can I get you?" niceties. Although we waited about 15 minutes for our order to be taken, we had to wait only 20 minutes for our meals.

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The goat-cheese stuffed ravioli was delicious, but the portion size leaves you hungry. Photo: Sarah Kraus

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Location of Harbour City Bar and Grill

Menu Prices

Ravioli $21

Chicken Penne $24

Most entrees were priced between $20-30.

We were also served a basket of baguette pieces and maple butter to satisfy our hunger while we waited.

My vegetarian companion didn't have a lot of entrées to choose from, but what was available was delicious. If vegetarian ravioli sounds appetizing, chef Les Stevens is your new best friend. Bursting with flavour, the goat-cheese stuffed ravioli with accompanying sauces is a party for your taste buds.

The only complaint was that there wasn't enough of it. Barely a dozen raviolis sat in the deep plate, making the portion size look skimpy from the outset.

By comparison, my plate of chicken penne was overflowing.

Unfortunately, the taste didn't match the size. It sounded fantastic - penne with chicken, cheese, wild mushrooms and sweet peas, tossed in a combination of sherry cream sauce and fancy pommery mustard.

However, the chicken had an odd, dry texture and didn't taste fresh. The mushrooms and peas failed to add any kick to the dish, leaving it rather bland and forgettable.

While I can't say it was the best food I've ever eaten, my overall experience at the Harbour City Bar and Grill was a positive one. I would certainly recommend the ravioli to anyone that ventures there, vegetarian or otherwise. Though I would also suggest ordering an appetizer to accompany it.

The restaurant is open from 7 a.m. until midnight every day. The Delta Halifax is located on Barrington Street, near the Cogswell Street interchange. Free temporary parking is available in front of the hotel for non-guests.

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