Dal and King's closed for holiday

The universities celebrate a man's generosity and their founding on the first Friday in February.

Dalhousie University and the University of King's College are closed today for their annual holiday celebrated on the first Friday in February.

Dal celebrates Munro Day, a day commemorating George Munro and his financial contributions to the school.

Munro was born in Pictou County, Nova Scotia in 1825. He moved to New York and owned a publishing company. The company was very successful and with Munro's family ties to Dal's Board of Governors, he began to give money to the institution which was then financially unstable.

In 1879, Munro told the university board that if they found a man for the chair of physics, he would find the money the institution needed to stay open. Dal filled the position and Munro kept his promise. Munro’s investment of $2,000 a year helped Dal recover and in 1885, “George Munro Day” was first celebrated.

Today, Dal’s student union hosts its annual Munro Day ski trip to Wentworth Ski Hill. Drinking is also a common pastime for students on Munro Day.

King’s is joined with Dal and enjoys the February holiday as well. Entitled “George III Day” for this institution, the holiday commemorates King George III. The Windsor campus was granted a Royal Charter by the King in 1802, founding the institution as a university.

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