How to survive (and enjoy) a Halifax winter for under $5

Eats and exercise top the list

Haligonians flock to the Farmers' Market on Saturday morning. (Photo: Sarah Mateshaytis)

If you're anything like me, then you've been hit with the winter blues. The holidays are long over, school's already stressful and while you'd like to unwind with a little weekend fun, if the cold weather isn't holding you back, your empty bank account is.

Start this next month off right and check out this list of cheap, winter-friendly things to do in Halifax. Did I mention they're cheap? While you might have to bundle up when you head out the door, you'll only need $5 (or less!) in your pocket when you visit these Halifax hot spots.

1. The Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market

Stop off at the Farmers' Market for a tasty local treat or just to browse the myriad of products the vendors have up for offer. While it's open throughout the week (save Monday), if you head down on a Saturday, the bustling, upbeat atmosphere will surely give you the pick-me-up you've been after. From 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. vendors sell their local products - everything from soap to cheese to hot apple cider. If you decide to splurge and crack into that $5, I'd recommend Boates Organic Sweet Cider. It'll keep you warm throughout the week and for $4, the two-litre jug is well worth it. 

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Five winter-friendly places to check out in Halifax. For cheap.

2. Tobogganing at the Citadel

While this one's a little more weather dependent, next time we get a big dump of snow, don't waste much time before heading over to the Citadel to go tobogganing. Go to the side of the hill facing Citadel High School (on Ahern Avenue) to make sure you'll have plenty of stopping room. If you don't have a toboggan, and don't feel like getting creative with garbage bags, Canadian Tire on Quinpool Road sells Crazy Carpets (or a knock-off version of them) for $2.99 plus tax. Happy sliding!

3. Skating at the Emera Oval

I've heard people say that making the Oval a permanent facility in Halifax is one of the best ideas the Halifax Regional Municipality's ever had. While it might be an exaggeration, it's certainly not far off. Open seven days a week, the Emera Oval - located on the North Common - draws in Haligonians of all ages for a free skating experience. Don't have skates? Don't worry. Present a piece of I.D. and rent a pair - hockey or figure skates - for free! Don't know how to skate? Learn something new at the complimentary Learn to Skate sessions. Public skate times are offered several times a day. Just make sure you show up early! The free rentals go quick.

4. Ferry to Dartmouth's Two If By Sea

You can kill two birds with one stone on this afternoon adventure. Take a scenic ride on the Halifax harbour ferry over to Dartmouth, where you can pay a visit to The Coast's top-rated Two If By Sea Café. For students, the ferry ride is covered with your UPass (otherwise it's $2.25 a trip). If you can bear the cold, stand outside while on the ferry for a taste of the sea breeze. If it's a little too chilly, the scenic view from inside is just as satisfying. Once you're at the café - which is within walking distance from the ferry terminal - I have two recommendations. If you're cold and want to warm up with something sweet, go for the hot chocolate ($3.25 for 10 ounces). If you're hungry, however, I'd go for one of their famous croissants. Can you say butter?!! It might not be light on the calories, but I'm a firm believer that if it tastes that good (which it does), it's worth it. The plain butter croissants are $3.00 apiece, while the chocolate croissants are $3.50 (plus tax).

5. Maxwell's Plum Saturday Breakfast

Nothing beats a hearty Saturday morning breakfast. Especially when it's cheap. Whether you're looking to cure that nasty hangover or you just want to start your day off right (and greasy), head over to Maxwell's Plum for their breakfast special: three eggs, five strips of bacon, two slices of toast and fries for only $2. The only stipulation? You have to buy a drink. Go for some OJ and you should stay under that $5 limit. I promise you won't leave hungry. 

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Halifax winter is very enjoyable and exciting every time.But frankly said I don't have any experience Halifax winter under $5. :) Thanks for sharing your experience and hopefully I will try this next Halifax winter.

Posted by Ashley Jerry | Feb 6, 2022