King’s Student Union withholds outcome of canteen vote

Results won't be released until after council meeting on Sunday.


The KSU ran a public forum on the canteen referendum on Jan. 10 (Photo: Sarah Kraus)

Voting on the King's canteen referendum ended Thursday at 5 p.m., but more than 18 hours later, the results are nowhere to be found.

At the public forum on the referendum and on her Facebook page, Chief Returning Officer Stephanie Duchon said the outcome of the vote would be posted by midnight Thursday. But KSU President Gabe Hoogers says that posting the outcome by midnight is not a constitutional requirement.

After the votes were cast, without knowing the results, KSU Chair Dave Etherington made a decision not to publicly release them. Hoogers says that "for procedural reasons, the results are going to be embargoed until after council on Sunday so that councilors get a chance to discuss them."

Student Council Meeting

Sunday 1 p.m.

A&A Building

Second floor boardroom

Hoogers says Duchon and two members of the election committee are the only people who know whether or not the KSU is getting their canteen. They counted the votes late last night. That means Hoogers himself is still in the dark.

Duchon later explained the reason the for the embargo is that the $14 levy cannot be collected this year. The deadline to pay student fees is today.

She said the referendum was initially supposed to be held last semester, giving the KSU time to add the levy to the winter semester student fees. When the referendum was pushed back to this week, the KSU forgot to remove the 2011-2012 levy collection from the table.

Duchon admits "it was a complete oversight."

The error was pointed out to Duchon at the voting booth early on Wednesday. She says the information was passed on to Hoogers and Etherington, who opted to continue with the voting and hold a council meeting this weekend to debate the validity of the referendum.

Etherington later decided not to release the results in order to eliminate potential conflicts of interest during Sunday's council meeting.

As the chair, Etherington makes the final decision as to whether or not the referendum will stand. He wants to know if the levy oversight misled voters.

Hoogers says all council meetings are open to students, unless they are of a sensitive nature. But regarding the canteen, he says "I don't know why we would go in-camera."

Hoogers also said that "there is no reason why the results wouldn't be posted on Sunday." They will be advertised through email via "This week at King's," outside the KSU office, and on the KSU website.

Etherington will also send an email to all King's students via the university's list-serv explaining the rationale behind his decision.


Updated at 3:45 p.m. Friday with more information from Duchon and Etherington.


This BLOWS my mind

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