KSU to open canteen

King's students overwhelmingly support student-run canteen


The King's Student Union has won the right to operate their own student-run canteen after holding their second referendum in two weeks.

According to the KSU website, almost 30 per cent of students voted in the second referendum. At least 25 per cent of the 1200 students at the University of King's College needed to vote in order to reach quorum (the minimum number of votes allowed for the resolution to pass).

The students at King's voted overwhelmingly in favour of the KSU canteen. Almost 76 per cent of voters supported the canteen, while 23 per cent cast ballots against it.

Last Sunday the KSU council decided to void the results of the first referendum after learning that their initial question was inaccurate.

To fund the canteen, King's students will pay a $14 levy for the next two years and the KSU will cash-in an $83,000 GIC that it has been saving for a project of this nature.

While the KSU website doesn't give a specific date as to the canteen start-date, it says "it will open in the very near future."


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