Makeup Feature Part Two: Winter Colours

Take a peek at makeup colours and trends that are fitting for the winter.


Last week's makeup feature provided information and products to keep your skin healthy this winter. Now that you know how to keep your face soft and hydrated, take a look at this season's lip and cheek colour trends that will take you right into the holidays. 

(Almost) au natural

There is nothing more flattering than the natural rosy cheek look that peeks out as you walk into class on a nippy morning. A quick change from peaches and light pinks to quick dips into rich plums, mauves and purple-toned rouge on those cheekbones will have you ringing in the new year beautifully.

Plum tones can work on every skin tone if you vary how much you put on. With these rich colours, it's simple to mimick that natural rosy cheek look all day or evening. Always have an angle-brush on hand to make sweeping blush on super easy.

My favs

Many makeup artistis were estatic about MAC's crèmeblend blush which comes in an assortment of colours. Not me. It may talk the talk, but it doesn't walk the walk.

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I asked 20 students what their number one makeup product was for this winter. Here is the feedback.

Priced at almost $25 - an impulse buy for me - I'm less than impressed. It did not go on smoothly enough to give an even look so I had to take an angle-brush and go over it several times. 

Annabelle blush takes the cake for me and it only costs $9. I'm currently into Annabelle #2 (the shades are in numbers instead of more appropriate colour names) which is definitely a keeper in my collection.

It is a dark mauve which provides a punch of colour and works for all skintones. It pairs well with a smokey-eye and lightly glossed lips.


(Photos: Megan Lyons)

Student picks

King's student Heather Ross wearing her favourite Physicians Formula blush (Photo: Megan Lyons)

Fourth-year University of King's College student Heather Ross says her favourite blush is Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Blush & Highlighter. It works well for her skintone, giving her defined cheeks and a healthy glow. This works for both day and night and it's a good buy for students at only $12. In the evening you can use the darker shades to further accentuate the cheeks. "It gives me some colour without it being too obnoxious," says Ross.

Pucker up

Lipsticks should change from daytime to evening. If you wear lipstick to school, keep it natural and light by wearing colours with tints of pinks and mauves.

My favs

My favourite less-dramatic lip colours this season are the Revlon Lipstains available in 15 shades. The stain includes vitamin C, which is supposed to keep your lips moisturized, and an additional balm that gives a finishing shine. Because it is a stain, it's not going to leave an icky reminder on your coffee mug. It's easy, adds some quick colour and will not leave your pockets empty at less than $10. 

(Photos:Megan Lyons)

I'm also a fan of MAC's tinted lip conditioner, which protects your lips with SPF 15 and will keep them moisturized in the cold weather that tends to dry up your smackers. It is available in two light shades, "Petting Pink" and "Fuchsia Fix," and is a little pricer at $18. Besides cost, another downside in comparison to Revlon's Lipstain is that it comes in a pot - expect a slimy finger after applying. However, it feels more hydrating than Lipstains. As for colour, you'll get more choice with Revlon.

(Photos:Megan Lyons)

For the evening, you can spice it up with some deep reds, deep purples and intense mauves to give you a smouldering yet festive style. The mauve works better with a lighter complexion. MAC's lipsticks hydrate and will stay on most of the night. They sell at $17, but because they last, you won't be re-applying repeatedly.

Student picks

MSVU student Emily Mong shows Revlon lipstick. (Photo Courtesy: Emily Mong)

Mount Saint Vincent University Public Relations student Emily Mong sporting Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick's shade "Just Enough Buff," says her winter staple is the nude lip. "Nude is the new red," she says.

All this aside, Mong says it best: "No matter what colour lipstick, confidence is what makes a woman sexy."

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