Makeup Feature Part One: Winter Skincare

Have a peek at what skincare and makeup is in this season


Winter's quickly banging in so it's time to get your skin ready for the chilly season. Just because summer has faded doesn’t mean the sun has disappeared – it shines all year long while you’re running to and from the library as the end of term closes in and exams approach.

So, ladies and gents do yourself – and your skin – a favour this season and sun-safe your skin! With a makeup-licence tucked in my pocket, I'm going spill the beans on my go-to skincare products for the winter to keep skin soft and healthy.

Sunscreen 101:

Dalhousie student and makeup artist Nicola Jefferis says moisturizing is essiential for everyone and says "even though you're not going out and staying in the sun, there is still the glare off the snow."

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Where to buy the skincare products (Credit: Megan Lyons)

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Dal student and makeup artist Nicola Jefferis talks about the importance of moisturizing in the winter. (746 KB clip)

The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can pierce through clouds, so believe it or not, protecting your self from the flu isn't the only thing you should worry about this winter. Shielding your skin from the sun is just as important and will help fight against skin cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, UV rays are known to be the leading cause of skin cancer. Reflected UV rays are just as damaging as direct UV radiation so it is vital to wear sunscreen in the winter since snow reflects 85 per cent of UV radiation. 

Thankfully protecting your self from cancer risk -- as well as premature wrinkles and sunspots -- isn't difficult. Moisturizers, which should be applied to your face everyday (particularly to those men who shave facial hair) are usually equipped with at least SPF 15.

My favs

My favourite moisturizer right now is Vitamin C Daily Moisturizer from The Body Shop simply because it gives me protection while making my face super soft without a slimy look or feeling. It has SPF 30 and rings in at $20, a very good price for proper skincare, especially for money tight students.

I find it also allows makeup applications to go on smoother. The best part is that this actually is part of an entire line of makeup, including the Vitamin C Cleansing Polish, Vitamin C Microdermabrasion,Vitamin C Skin Boost and Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules. The products won't put it a dent in your wallet, all coming in at less than $25 a piece. Vitamin C is a great added ingredient because not only does it brighten up dull skin, it ecourages production of collagen - a protien in the skin that will improve elasticity, therefore help keep your skin firm for longer. 

The Body Shop also carries a similar product for men, the Meca Root Energetic Face Protector with SPF 15 at $18. For those who shave daily, The Body Shop also has Maca Root Razor Relief at $14 which The Body Shop says will "help boost skin vitality."

Student picks

Megan Morrison, architectural drafting student at Nova Scotia Community College, swears by Dermalogica active moist moisturizer priced at $48. It contains no artificial fragrance or colour. It's probably not the most practical moisturizer to invest in on a student budget, however Morrison says it's worth every penny. "It's super expensive but it lasts so long," she says. Morrison isn't alone. Fifty-one reviews of the product are available to view on the All 51 of them would recommend the moisturizer to a friend.

And for all you men out there, Mount Saint Vincent University fourth-year student Coady Slaunwhite says Clinique's Mens Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 is the cream to use for an everday fresh feeling. "It doesn't leave my skin looking greasy, and hey - I'm sure my skin will thank me when I'm 40." It's priced at $30.

Both students use moisturuziers more expensive than my lower priced product. Jefferis agrees with Slaunwhite's choice on Clinique products and says the it's the "best bang for your buck." She said it does cost a bit more but says it's okay to spend more money if you can afford to on skin products because its a "good investment" and ususally higher quality ingredients are found in the more expensive brands. "It's the lowest price point in the higher-brands (of skincare) in the world... Clinique is skincare's number one product out there right now."

There you have it - it's important to keep your skin hydrated to maintain that healthy glow and more importantly, healthy and nourished skin. Stay tuned for Makeup Feature Part Two to see what winter colours are in to make your holiday makeup shine.

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