Mixed reactions to Danton on campus

Some alumni, students upset

Saint Mary's University. Photo by: Robert Alfert.

Some alumni at Saint Mary's University are upset that Mike Danton has enrolled at the university. Danton is a former NHL player who served more than five years in jail for a failed murder-for-hire plot.

"We have had alumni who have called in, ripped me in, and said that they were unhappy with the decision [to admit him]," said Steve Proctor, who's in charge of public affairs at SMU.

Proctor, a former journalist, said there has been a tremendous amount of media attention on Danton, which "is understandable but makes his reintegration in the community that much more difficult. We have to be that much more vigilant, trying to protect him as is his right, as we would any other student."

Danton has been attending classes at SMU as of Thursday, Jan. 14. He is majoring in sociology and psychology.

Jeff Mitchell, a student on the SMU senate and criminology major, said some criminology students are not happy with SMU's decision to admit him. He said Danton will likely have to take criminology courses for his degree.

However, Matt Anderson, president of SMU's student association, said student response has been positive so far. The student association has also been supportive of Danton coming to the school.

Proctor said close to 500 articles have been written about Danton going to SMU. According to him, Danton "does not want to do any interviews." However, the PR department at SMU is trying to plan on a one-time-only news conference for next week. Proctor is unsure whether or not it will come to pass.

Proctor said Danton met all the criteria for admission at SMU.

"He wouldn't be the first student on a Nova Scotia campus with a criminal record."

Danton's participation in his first Huskies hockey game hasn't been decided yet, nor is he present at team practices.



Ms. Bertrand I would like a correction issued for the above article. While it is true that some students have mixed reactions about Mr. Danton at Saint Mary's, I think it fair to include that it is vital that all students understand that it is essential that Mr. Danton be given any and all opportunity to reintegrate into the community. He should be welcomed with open arms and embraced by the university and greater community. He has committed a crime in his past, like countless others, it is the responsibility of society to help him successfully reintegrate into the community. I would also think that students in Criminology would have an excellent understanding of this concept as it is a key issue that they are taught. Furthermore, I am under the understanding that Mr. Danton is enrolled in Sociology, while the Criminology and Sociology departments are together, and many of the courses are cross listed, he does not have to take courses in Criminology. Furthermore, I am intrigued at how the Students' Association (SMUSA) has been supportive of Mr. Danton coming to SMU, it is one thing to be supportive in principle however I have not been made aware of any actual attempt to aide Mr. Danton's reintegration in the university community. For any additional information please contact me directly, Jeff Mitchell [email protected]

Posted by Jeff Mitchell | Jan 21, 2022 4:32 AM AT

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