New major for SMU arts students a possibility

Saint Mary's University exploring idea of offering commerce-based major to arts students.

Arts students at Saint Mary's University may soon have another choice for their major.

At a meeting today, the academic senate accepted a proposal that would allow arts students to take a major in entrepreneurship.

Esther Enns, dean of the faculty of arts, said the introduction of the major will help promote "something that we think is really a core element of the liberal arts."

"It's an emphasis on all kinds of skills that form part of the education in the arts."

SMU already offers a major in entrepreneurship, but only to students studying for a bachelor of commerce degree.

The proposal will take the required classes for the entrepreneurship major, and allow students to credit them towards a bachelor of arts degree.

Enns said no changes would happen to the commerce program; they plan to, "leave the major as is...and recognize it within arts."

Student union president Matt Anderson said the proposal has been well-received by students, as they were "looking for more options for arts majors."

SMU already offers cross-faculty majors in subjects such as math, economics, psychology and geology.

No timetable has yet been set for the implementation of the major.

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