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Dr. Tom Traves speaking at last week's Annual President's Meeting. Photo: Karen Jouhal

Dalhousie University is planning to build a new residence building opposite Risley Hall on LeMarchant Street.

Dalhousie President Dr. Tom Traves said at a meeting last week the university was in advanced discussions about the building, and issued terms of reference for the project. The next step will be to form a project committee and choose a project management team and a design consultant.

Dalhousie spokesperson Charles Crosby says the university has a shortage of beds on campus and expects that to continue.

"Dalhousie's enrolments have been either going up incrementally for years or in leaner years holding steady with no real declines, with a major increase in enrolments this year," he says.

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The new residence building is proposed to be located on LeMarchant Street, opposite Risley Hall.

"Our projected continued growth coupled with the fact that we have far more applications for on-campus housing each year than we have spaces has necessitated a new space for on-campus students."

The project first came to light a year ago when Traves announced the school had plans to build more residence space, but it would be limited to only a few hundred beds. He said the university was also considering partnerships with the private sector to build housing, especially for non-traditional students such as those married with children.

Traves said a major renovation of Dalplex is also needed.  He said the renovation, along with the new residence building, "will contribute to the strength and vitality of Halifax and the rest of the region."

According to Crosby, just over 16,000 students attend Dalhousie, including University of King's College students who take classes on the campus. Of those students, 5,000 live on-campus.



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