30-Minute-Hit Halifax provides kickboxing circuit training that will work all muscles of your body while providing a high intensity work out that will burn calories (Photo: Megan Lyons)

30-Minute Hit Halifax

Halifax's new, local kickboxing club is a comfortable place for women to get fit.


It's no secret that finding time to workout in the midst of the hectic lifestyle the average student manages - or tries to manage - with jobs, studies, class, food, and sleep - is tough. Add "female" student to the whole keeping-fit thing, and it could be tougher.

I'm not saying women have a bigger challenge than men do when it comes to fitting exercise into their daily or weekly schedule. I am saying that some women simply don't want to jump into their work-out clothes and start sweating out loads of perspiration, so an all-women's facility helps.

Take Jamie Jenson for example. Jenson is a first-year Dalhousie University student who just recently started putting on the gloves and hitting the bags at 30-Minute Hit - an all women's kickboxing club that just opened up on Granville Street. Owners Stefanie Pielahn and Philip Osborne opened the club on Oct. 1.

"I don't want to look like this in front of guys," Jenson says with a red face sparkling with sweat after her half-hour workout. "It's a nice environment to be at that comes with no judgment whatsoever."

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The body opponent bag - or "Bob," allows women to take their training to the next level (Photo: Megan Lyons)

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30-Minute Hit Halifax Location (Credit:Megan Lyons)

What if all you women out there, whether you're bogged down in the library or debating whether sleep or tomorrow's mid-term is more important, could make time for a fun, upbeat 30-minute ass-kicking workout? The facility is available, just pick the half-hour that works for you and help out your soon-to-be rock hard bod.

30-Minute Hit focuses on increasing endurance while targeting every muscle group in your body. With a high intensity circuit, you'll build muscle, lose some or a lot of fat, strengthen your core and tone up quickly. In fact, according to 30-Minute Hit, most women start to see results in as little as two weeks. Jenson says she feels stronger.

"My upper-body feels stronger. I feel stronger," she says.

Lauren Dunn, a 23-year-old part-time student at Mount Saint Vincent University, has been going to 30-Minute Hit for almost three weeks now. She said it's convenient.

"I work across the street, it's a 30-minute workout, and it's a good work out, so it made sense to start going," Dunn says.

The circuit includes 13 stations which allow you to target different muscles at two minute intervals. If you're not pounding a bag, you're doing sit-ups on a medicine ball, or "turtle-kicking" your legs into a mat while holding up your upper-body. Challenging? Yes. Two minutes? Possible.

According to Osborne, on average about 500-700 calories can be burned in one 30-minute session. He says a member at the 30-Minute Hit club in Vancouver reached the 700 mark.  

"It depends on how hard you work," Osborne says. "At highest intensity, you can burn a lot."

Student Budget?

So what is the cost of getting fit at 30-Minute Hit? At first glance, it may not line up well with your student budget - but it depends how you see it. A first-time membership fee costs $99 dollars, which includes a set of high quality, leather boxing gloves - a low price if you were to go out and buy the same quality gloves at a store. After the initial membership fee, you can choose to pay month-to-month for $59 bucks per month, or commit to a year-long membership for $49 dollars per month.

Compared to hot-yoga prices in downtown Halifax or Goodlife fitness centre memberships, you'll be saving money every month. Plus, the instructors will give you the extra push you may need during each workout to fuel your body and mind by keeping you motivated and pushing you to your limits. Can you put a price on that?

The best way to get the best bang for your buck is to go to the free-trial and see if it is something you can commit to. If you can, the month-to-month option may be the best route for a student - you can opt out anytime, or put certain months on hold if you know you'll be away awhile and will be unable to attend the circuit.  

So come on ladies, what are you waiting for? It's downtown, all women, only half an hour, and hey - if anything, you'll learn how to defend yourself, which is important for all women. Added bonus?  The wholesome release and empowerment you'll feel after hitting away at solid objects to your heart's desire.

30-Minute Hit has 23 locations in Canada and the United States. 



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