With two sold-out concerts, Halifax shows its love for Mother Mother. Photo by: Lindsay Morey.

Review: Mother Mother leaves Haligonians wanting more

Vancouver-based band Mother Mother receives a lot of love at two sold-out shows in Halifax

Fans of the band, Mother Mother, were given a double dose of their high-energy live performances in Halifax over the weekend. 

The Vancouver-based indie-rock band performed sold-out shows at both the Grawood at Dalhousie's Student Union Building on Friday and at Reflections Carbaret in downtown Halifax on Sunday.

Mother Mother is currently promoting its third album, Eureka. 

Vocalist and guitarist, Ryan Guldemond says the band is happy to be on this leg of the tour after being in the U.S. and Europe for the past few months. 

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"Problems" performed live at the Grawood Nov. 18. Audio by: Jonathan Briggins. Photos from Mother Mother's two concerts in Halifax, Nov. 18 & Nov. 20. Photos by: Lindsay Morey and Jonathan Briggins.

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Mother Mother - Simply Simple (Live at Reflections Cabaret, Nov. 20, 2011)

"We have a history [with Halifax] and that's the way we like it. It's not a flimsy dialogue." - Ryan Guldemond, vocalist and guitarist.

Mother Mother at the Dalhousie's Grawood 

Friday's show started an hour late due to a broken speaker which happened during sound check. The setlist was dominated by hit songs like The Stand, Wrecking Ball, Hayloft, Ghosting and Baby Don't Dance from their past two albums. 

Guldemond told the jumping crowd to enjoy themselves.

"Don't exert anything that doesn't resemble euphoria," he said.

Following the show, drummer Ali Siadat said half of the band were sick with a cold. From their vocal performance, the audience wouldn't have known any better as they swayed and jumped along to the music. 

Reflections: band performed more of their older material and the audience didn't miss a beat

Sunday night's show pulled material from all of the band's three albums: Touch Up, O My Heart and Eureka. The band drew songs from their back catalogue such as Ball Cap, Verbatim and Polynesia. The live show gave more energy and grit than the studio versions of such songs as Body of Years, Simply Simple, and Original Spin

The crowd sang along to everything from the hits to lesser known songs like Ball Cap and Polynesia. The room was filled with girls whipping their hair and guys fist-pumping the air. At the end of almost every song, a girl near the stage looked behind at her friend, nodded and grinned -- nothing more needed to be said. 

There was more energy as the band members played around with each other and with the audience. Jasmin Parkin danced playfully in front of her keyboard and Guldemond leaned closer to the crowd. 

Guldemond said Halifax fans are among the best because the band can throw out any song, even from their first album, and the crowd will sing along word for word."We have a history [with Halifax] and that's the way we like it. It's not a flimsy dialogue," Guldemond said during the show. 

Mother Mother has two more shows in Quebec and Ontario before having their final three shows at home in Vancouver. The band plans on taking a break from touring to work on their fourth album once they return home.

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