Saege Bistro offers an elegant atmosphere. (Photo: Kelly Graham)

Saege Bistro: Fine Dining for the cash strapped student

Restaurant offers 2-for-1 Tuesdays to lure in students


No job, rent due, cushion change already spent at the bar and now your iPhone is flashing a reminder of your girlfriend’s birthday next week.

We’ve all been there. Fortunately students now have a cost effective fine dining option in the Spring Garden Road area. Saege Bistro -- an upscale eatery -- is offering 2-for-1 entrées every Tuesday to attract students hungry for something besides donairs or pizza.

Is a visit to the bistro worth risking your hard earned, err… borrowed, money on? Definitely.

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Saege offers nice view of Spring Garden Road. (Photo: Kelly Graham)

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Wonderful food and Atmosphere

Twenty-two dollars is all you need for two very nice entrees. I had scallops served on bacon risotto while my date opted for the chef’s special, salmon crusted with pesto. Both dishes were cooked perfectly and tasted amazing. 

If that’s a little steep for you, another affordable option is to stop by the Bistro for a nice dessert. The lemon flan with raspberry sorbet is a steal for only $8. The flan, served in a portion size that is eminently sharable, was the meal's highlight.

Good food is not enough for a restaurant like this. Customers expect an experience when paying these prices, not just a meal. People have started to become leery of steep discounts because of the crappy service that often accompanies them.

My date and I were treated with the utmost respect even after enquiring about the meal deal. The waiting staff is friendly, funny, and helpful. They offer snark-free advice on options student patrons may not have encountered before.

The Bistro provides a nice atmosphere created with a fireplace, low-key music, and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Spring Garden Road. It’s easy to have an intimate conversation even with the combined noise of other patrons and the background music. Complimentary Listerine in the men’s washroom is a nice touch and particularly helpful for people who spring for the onion tart appetizer while out on a date.

Not Perfect

The accompanying business cards from the dental clinic that provides the extra bathroom amenities cheapens the effect. However, by advertising standards this is pretty low-key and tasteful, so some people might not even notice.

A wobbly dining table was a much larger issue. I understand that the prices are not so high as to expect perfection. But a wobbly table is like a stone in your shoe, the longer the experience lasts the worse it seems.  It’s particularly annoying for restaurants where patrons expect to linger.

Be warned that drinks will add considerably to your bill if you choose to order something beyond water. If you plan to have a wine with your meal it will set you back $22-$30 for a half litre.

Saege Bistro gets my vote as the place to go for a special occasion. Just make sure to stop by on a Tuesday.

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