A diverse array of adult goods were on display throughout the Cunard Center. (Photo: Adam Scotti)

Event Review

Sex show offers fun but few surprises

Halifax has got a sexy side, even if the trade show fell a little flat


I'm going to be honest: the Everything To Do With Sex Show at the Cunard Centre this past weekend wasn't as sexy as I was hoping it would be. Nor was it all that informative.

But, I spent enough time there to learn that despite its relatively average status, Halifax is still curious enough to go and have a good time anyway.

Wandering through aisles of sex toys, lingerie, and pin-up hair demos, I watched attendees indulge their curiosities about everything sexy. The eclectic crowd was by far my favourite part.

There was a good mix of age, size, shape, marital status and sexuality. And from the unabashed questions being asked about all things kink in "the dungeon" to the awe of the audience watching the burlesque show, it was clear everyone was having a good time.

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Check out this slideshow for an inside look at the sex show.

Items worth mentioning

Every vendor at the show was trying to sell you a good time or was pushing some gag-gift product, such as hand-painted panties or anatomically correct aprons.

There were a few vendors, however, that showcased products that promote healthy sexuality and safer sex practices.

Rehydrating water based lube - A Canadian based company, lube.ca, was selling their "safer sex lube." This lube helps to prevent condom breakage because it rehydrates with water, or with your own bodily moisture.

Soft Tampons - There have been some new technological advances in feminine hygiene products over the past couple of years and the soft tampon seems to be the most interesting. Different than the diva cup, the soft tampon is made of natural sponge, is sterilized and is supposed to be less obtrusive during sex.

There was also a variety of hourly live stage shows featuring exotic and burlesque dancers and hourly educational seminars. But, perhaps the most interesting were the contests that attendees could participate in - and they participated with a lot of enthusiasm.

My personal favourite was the best fake orgasm contest, which featured three Haligonian women who were brave enough to moan into the microphone in front of approximately 150 people.

Halifax has a sexy side

As someone from away, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a good number of vendors and presenters at the show were Halifax natives. Even the event's emcee, Darrell Leon otherwise known as Uncle D, the Canadian A--man, is a Cape Breton native. Some of the local products and business owners are:

  • Venus Envy - a local erotic and sexuality bookstore
  • Sexy Girl - a Halifax-based company that seeks to promote healthy sexual attitudes in women
  • The Sex Festival - an annual arts festival that features plays, visual arts, and poetry about all things sexy

Sex tips from strangers

Despite the fact that liberation was the word of the day, it was difficult to get people to talk to me on camera. However, lots of people when asked, had a few tips to offer university students. Everyone spoke about safe sex practices, ensuring consent and having fun.

One woman, who could have easily been my grandmother, gave my favourite piece of advice.

She leaned over, smiled and said, "Make sure your partner has fun. But make sure you have more."


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