STREETER: Monday blahs

We asked university students how they get through the first day of the week. Here's what they had to say:

Mount Saint Vincent University

"I'm not really beating them today."

- Brittany Davis, 4th year child and youth studies

"Green tea and reading the paper."

- Todd Williams, 3rd year business

"I force myself to a 5:30 a.m. spin class and go from there."

- Lori-Anne Bennett, nutrition graduate student

Saint Mary's University

"We're trying to get other people through their Monday blahs. Every Monday we give away free coffee if you have a reusable mug."

- Laura Saar, 3rd year economics and Samantha Brooksbank, 3rd year environmental studies

"Lounging ‘till class."

- George Habchi, 4th year political science

"We play pool today before our midterm later."

- Alex Fox, 2nd year biology and Sam Ferguson, 1st year arts

Atlantic School of Theology

"A cup of coffee and breakfast."

- David Campbell, 1st year master of divinity

"I have 9 hours of class today, so usually noon Chapel and being able to pray for a couple of minutes gets me through until 6 o'clock."

- Penny Nelson, secretary of AST student union

"A midmorning nap, especially in class and getting some sun."

- Gneid Walsh, 2nd year master of divinity

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

"I hate Mondays but I try to get up earlier and start my day."

- Jade Williams, 1st year fine art

"Coffee and try to get a good night sleep on Sunday. Oh, and a lot of persistence."

- Alfonso Bustamante, foundation year

"I usually don't get through my Monday, to be honest."

- Emma Arsenault, foundation year

University of King's College

"I sleep through my Mondays and play a quiet game of Boggle."

- Alex Poulton, 4th year biochemistry

"Tim Horton's soup get's me through any day. I'm eating turkey and wild rice today."

- Kellsie Brannon, 1st year arts

"Half of the time I don't make it to my Monday morning class, but if I do I come to the SUB and get something to eat to reward myself."

- Matt Cottingham, 4th year history

Dalhousie University

"A beer while I study."

- Dominic Lacasse, 1st year graduate student

"I try my best, that's all I can do"

- Ian McCallum 1st year engineering

"I come and do a recital, play my trumpet."

- Tim Weed, 4th year bachelor of music

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