Hundreds of students gathered to protest rising tuition costs. (Photo: Adam Scotti)

Day of Action

Students show solidarity

Rising tuition, decreased funding key issues


Halifax students filled quads, parks and streets today as part of the Day of Action protests. The Canada-wide movement, organized by the Canadian Federation of Students, protested rising tuition fees and government cuts to universities.

Most post-secondary institutions in the city had contingents at the movement, which began with rallies at individual campuses, then moved to Victoria Park for speeches and finally marched down Spring Garden Road to NSCAD's Granville campus.

"Education is a right!" shouted Mount Saint Vincent student union president Daniel McKenna. "No one should have to miss out on school because of tuition!" 

Not Just Students

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Students used many forms of protest. (Video: Adam Scotti)

Faculty members from many institutions joined students in the protest, including Judy Haiven, a Saint Mary's University professor.

"Every December a handful of my students tell me they can't afford to come back for a second semester," she said.

The movement also had support from provincial organizations.

Chris Ferns, president of the Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers said, "We've seen the effects of raising tuition."

Estimates put the number of participants at roughly 1,000, a significant drop from last year's turn out of nearly 2,000.

The protest comes just weeks after the provincial government released it's memorandum of understanding with Nova Scotia universities, which outlines a three per cent drop in institutional funding and a potential three per cent increase in tuition rates. 

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