Paul Chudnovsky and Mamie Bell grace this week's style feature (Photos: Catherine Burgess)

Style Feature

A look at student style in Halifax

Paul Chudnovsky is the picture of cool. 

A student in the contemporary studies program at the University of King's College, he was heading across the Dalhousie campus late on Wednesday afternoon with some books tucked under one arm.

The brown belt is a great accent for Chudnovsky's dark-toned get-up. His rolled up pant cuffs over his black boots, contrasted against that smart V-neck sweater creates a real clean-cut edginess.

As for that leather jacket? "I got my jacket in Kensington Market in Toronto," he said. "I got a discount on it because my friend showed the store owner his abs."

Clearly, Paul Chudnovsky knows how to get a good discount.

I spotted Mamie Bell's electric blue tights from nearly a block away and, darting after her, knew she was destined to grace our first UNews style feature.

Bell knows exactly how to make her neon-bright tights pop as the accent piece with the muted tones of her outfit. Her shiny, deep berry-red shoes were a gift from her mom for her birthday.

Bell is a student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at NSCAD, and was sporting a Nova Scotia Needs NSCAD button on her sweater.

"I like to buy second hand," she said of her style. "There are lots of good second hand stores around Halifax."


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Mamie Bell is a fox.

Posted by Nina | Nov 17, 2021